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KeyMACRO is an add-on that enables the user to control specific parts of a web browser using one or more Macro buttons. This add-on can be accessed in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Safari browsers.
KEYMACRO feature description:
KEYMACRO is an extension that helps in automation of web surfing. The KEYMACRO enables you to write specific web links as Macros. The macros are more or less Hyperlinks which are placed on webpages that allow the user to simply click them, and thereby surf the specific webpage that you have specified. For instance, if a user has decided to surf www.softpedia.com, then the user can simply click on the link www.softpedia.com and the user is automatically surfed to the homepage of www.softpedia.com.
KeyMACRO is the only add-on that allows Macros to be easily created using a special keyboard layout. The keyboard layout is similar to the one used to create Keyboard Shortcuts (see below). Once the macro has been created, it can be saved in the “macros” folder in the KeyMACRO user folder. Once the user has saved a macro in a specified webpage, he/she can then click on the saved Macro button, and the webpage will automatically be opened in the browser.
The user can use the “macros” folder to save the desired URL of the webpage. There is no limit to the number of Macros that can be saved in the user “macros” folder.
KeyMACRO works by the process that we call Auto-Surfing. That means that a macro is created in such a way that the browser automatically visits the specific URL specified in the macro.
KeyMACRO can be used in many ways:
KeyMACRO can be used in surfing the Internet for repetitive tasks, like searching for a specific product or service, or playing a specific video online.
KeyMACRO can be used for repetitive tasks like accessing account balances, online shopping, coupons or stock reports.
KeyMACRO can be used for purchasing online products, accessing online auctions, viewing blogs, surfing online malls, checking your e-mail, or subscribing to newsletters.
KeyMACRO can also be used for recording webcast talks or online classes.
KeyMACRO is an add-on for all major web browsers, so if the user has installed the latest version of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, and d82f892c90

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There are two functions, KEYMACRO and PLOTMACRO.
KEYMACRO is a macro language that is used to define the performance of a trebuchet. It can be used to calculate the swing and acceleration of the trebuchet by using the accelerations of the different moving parts of the trebuchet.
PLOTMACRO is a macro language that can be used to plot the trajectory of the trebuchet in the air.
KEYMACRO is written in the programming language C and is a continuation of the Key Language (KL), which is a general-purpose programming language for modeling and optimizing dynamic systems. KEYMACRO is a new language that is optimized for modeling the trajectory of a trebuchet. It is similar in style to KL.
However, KEYMACRO is different in several ways. First, it uses a different kind of variables. Instead of variable types such as int and double, KEYMACRO variables are more similar to C’s string type.
Second, instead of variable types such as string, KEYMACRO has variable types called variables. In addition, the assignment statement of C is replaced by the keyword:
type = value

Rather than expecting the user to use quotes, KEYMACRO provides a mechanism for declaring strings that the user can use. A string declaration is constructed like this:
type string
size in

Any text in the braces is copied to the variable named type.
Finally, instead of expecting the user to use the same parentheses that C uses, KEYMACRO has a different style of parentheses:
expression( )

KEYMACRO is designed to make it easy to define dynamic systems like a trebuchet. As well, it is optimized to make it easy to create a physical model of a trebuchet.
The program includes three main parts:
1) The User interface, which provides an easy way to enter data into the program.
2) The Physical Model, which contains the data that is used to describe the trebuchet.
3) The Optimization Engine, which can be used to create and optimize new trebuchet models.
The User interface can be used to enter the following kinds of data into the program:
* The specifications of the trebuchet (weight, height, strength, etc.)
* The design specifications of the sling and the target (weight, length, etc.)
* The parameters for


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