Winning Eleven 2009 KitServer 3.9.1

Winning Eleven 2009 KitServer 3.9.1



Winning Eleven 9 0 Sound.afs

Mar 23, 2018
But for that japanese comments sound keep it as it is, in other words if ever you changed language for all files copy the japanese sound for example in Japanese but don’t change it’s name because if you changed name for all sounds this will not working.
However in WAW 2010 1.9 version i used Japanese Language but still we can use other Language for that japanese sound
Aug 24, 2018
أبرز عوامل للتشفير المصنف:
Winning Eleven 9 Sound 及 AFS for Winning Eleven 9 and Pro Evolution Soccer 5.
Added 4 languages to GK.AFS in WINNING EIGHT 9.
Updated GK.AFS in WINNING EIGHT 9 with 4 languages (English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese).
Japanese comments are in J_TEXT.AFS. English are in ENGLISH.

Oct 24, 2018
The previous version of GK.AFS is updated with 4 languages (English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese) (with WAW 10 build).
Aug 5, 2018
(with WAW 10 build).
Oct 26, 2017
Added alternative code with variations of Japanese text.
Added English for « Training »/ »単身 »/ »服务 » and removed « Not in Contract »/ »暫定 » (« Blue/Golds/Prisoners » for PES).
July 9, 2017
GK.AFS Updated with German and English (The German and English version are still in development).

(English ver.) (Japanese ver.)

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. Some players’ kits have been finished but some have not, because Xbox gives out a msc file with missing.png files. The exception is Swedish Goalkeeper IK Heerenveen Kitserver 5.5.5 by Juce Kitserver 5 is an add-on program for Pro Evolution Soccer 5, Winning Eleven 9, and Winning Eleven 9.
Priekingi and Sergei in the dream team. Prediction: United Kingdom, Russia, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, France. Since is a player in European leagues, he can be used in the European-only tournaments such as UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Super Cup.
0 by Juce Kitserver 5.5.5
0 by Juce Kitserver 5.5.5
Winning Eleven 09 Sound.afs
Apr 5, 2017, 01/06/2017, 0. 0  ,
Controls Name .JED Board  .  .

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