Waves Au Reg Utility 9.2.0 Update


This is a small program which will correct an input signal, a digital signal for example. It works very well for Hifi and Audio systems, including listening room compensation. Just read all about it in the help files to understand how it works. The program will generate a correction filter and will fit it in a file with 3 parameters.

The input signal must be sent via the serial port (USB). The serial port is the same used by the Digital Output Test Chart. In fact, all inputs are tested before to generate the correction filter.

The 3 parameters are:

1. The frequency of correction, in hz.
2. The gain of the correction filter.
3. The number of FIR filter taps used by the filter.

The program can run in 3 different ways:

1. When no correction is required (default setting).
2. If the provided frequency is within the range of the correction filter.
3. If the provided frequency is outside the range of the correction filter.

The program can generate the following types of filters, which will cover 99% of HiFi and Audio applications:

– Low Pass
– High Pass
– Band Pass
– Band Stop
– Band Reject
– Comb Filter
– Comb and Reject Filter
– Comb and Band Reject Filter
– Comb and Band Stop Filter

Each of these filters has a different gain.

The gain is controlled with a simple slider. The setting is linear, so the gain is the same on the whole frequency range.

The number of taps of the filter is also controlled with a slider, which is linear. The increase of the number of taps will be very fast until some point, and slower afterwards.

The frequency of the correction filter can be set in the Hz with a simple slider.

The program can use 3 different sampling rates, in hz:

1. 44.1
2. 48
3. 88.2

The program is simple and can be used to generate a lot of FIR filters. The program requires a few seconds to generate the filters for an input signal of 16 Kbps (1.1 Mbit) or 32 Kbps (2.2 Mbit) samples/sec, with 1 to 50 KHz eea19f52d2


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