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This is a visual novel with all-female cast (no heroes, no romance). The story is told in 6-8 chapters, with 1-2 endings depending on your choices.
The game was developed in Russian. There is English translation included in the game.
If you love Japanese visual novels, you will certainly be interested to play this one.

Beatiful girls are waiting for you to romance!
They get to dress up, see various ways of personal life, and learn how to cook.
Moreover, this game- a visual novel- also allows you to feel it yourself. You can move around with the mouse, select dialogue with the keyboard, and even look at the photos on the walls with your PC screen.
Further, the game will be interesting even to those who do not want to read it, because it is fairly long, so it is an opportunity for relaxation and wasting time.
~ Features ~
– Various girls, receive unique gifts.
– Try various ways of personal life, as well as learn how to cook.
– Several scenes of the text depends on your actions.
– Various emotions, colors, and outfits, which you can change by clicking on this girls.
– Only in special scenes you will have to choose dialogue with the keyboard.

Are you ready to go on a journey with your partner? If so, then you’ll need to select a weapon. We have plenty of guns, knives, machine guns and bows that will help you with your fantasy. All of them are individually unique weapons that will take your adventure to a whole new level. Once you purchase a weapon, you’re ready to go into battle.

Are you ready to embark on a journey with your partner? If so, then you’ll need to select a weapon. We have plenty of guns, knives, machine guns and bows that will help you with your fantasy. All of them are individually unique weapons that will take your adventure to a whole new level. Once you purchase a weapon, you’re ready to go into battle.

A farming and fishing village with a gentle charm and good old everyday life. The main goal of the game is to survive against the help of the monsters and their natural habitat. The future is very difficult, yet the world is not completely endless as it seems. Only by active exploration, carefully choosing the right strategy, and succeeding in different situations, will you be able to become the owner of the land. Enjoy and don’t get disturbed by the peaceful


Features Key:

  • look & feel like the "father of shooters"
  • immersive graphics and near-perfect 3D sound
  • an exemplary framerate – never slower than at 60Hz
  • many new features and improvements.
  • many unique game features and conditions for accuracy.
  • now, it's way more fun to play table-top, than on paper.
  • use the new **MouseGear** to read the table top more easily.
  • see also the **InterfaceGear** – find the performance you need.
  • see also the **AdjustableBookAlignment** – perfect for one, or two hands.
  • fix or improve most of the missing key features:
    • shoot, target, jump, etc.
    • faster play
    • notice current weapon and throw at the same time
    • look for enemies and use of traps to fire at them


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– A visual novel.
– I know that this is what they’re called in American, but…
– the world-map is actually the map of a real university.
– Instead of hints, you see hints in the form of heads, hands, arms, etc.
– Hints are wrapped in a book box.
– The text is presented in a unique fashion.
– You advance through the game by choosing options.
– You can, of course, choose everything at once.
– On-screen dialogues.
– Lots of beautiful, wonderful artwork.
– « Erinys comes from the word for « death » in Spanish. Hitting a certain part of the map (when Erinys is white) means that the relationship between the characters will end.

Our reviews are engineered with the reviews from Steam’s ‘Content Rating’.
Steam makes this information readily available for games on its website.
This information is not available to us, so we use our own criteria in the review process.

A romance, comedy Visual Novel – follow the story of Amaterasu. Amaterasu is a carefree art student in the University of Tokyo Amaterasu who enjoys spending her free time with her friends: the genius-artist Subaru, the friendly senpai Suzuki, and the incomparable Kagari. The quartet of friends are popular and successful at the university, but things are not always as they seem. Teru’s patience is running out. Who will she choose? What is more important: friendship or love? Only you can decide!


• Female protagonist

• Charming characters to build relationship with

• A cute and fun set of well written story-lines

• Point-and-click elements (Examine objects in the room)

• Lots of beautiful artwork

• Amaterasu (Teru to her friends)

Bright, active, and fashionable. The art student is restless in her pursuits, but cheerful in any situation. However, uncertainty and distrust often interferes with her ability to make the right choices.

• Kagari (Kaga to her friends)

A refined young woman with the face of an angel, but beneath her angelic exterior lies a real demon.

• Kagari is very intelligent and favored by students and teachers alike. However, when others are not looking, she can be quick to anger and determined to achieve her goals at any cost. Despite being Ter


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PG-13, language, nsfw, mild ecchi, suggestive actions, mature content, blood.The game is rated with content that may not be suitable for all ages, it is not suitable for young children or the faint of heart.

So Amaterasu is a free downloadable visual novel, with all of the storyline, story-lines, and multiple choices that a visual novel offers. The story has multiple options, and one of those options leads to a seperate main storyline.

There’s a lot to know about the game, so we’re going to give a breakdown of what’s going on in the game so you can get a good feel for what you’re getting into.

The visual novel is not very long, and we recommend reading through all of the story-lines before playing.

Storyline 1: You need to do this first. This is where the story starts.

Storyline 2: Let’s start at the beginning of the story, at the beginning of the second story-line.

Storyline 3: The third story-line starts where storyline 2 left off, so you need to do this before you move onto the third story-line.

Storyline 4: The fourth story-line also has its beginnings in storyline 3. You’ll notice a lot of common characters, places, and events.

Storyline 5: This is a continuation of storyline 4, the events from storyline 4 happen again.

Storyline 6: This is the continuation of storyline 5. After you choose your dialogue options for storyline 5, your choices will come up again in this storyline.

Storyline 7: Storyline 6 continues, and the events from storyline 6 come up again in storyline 7.

Storyline 8: After storyline 7, your choices will be taken from storyline 8.

Storyline 9: In storyline 8, you will get to decide who gets in to storyline 9, and how. If you choose the ending that allows you to be in storyline 9, you will have different events in storyline 9, and your choices will be taken from there.

Storyline 10: The final storyline in the game has a similar structure to the first storyline, but there will be different choices in storyline 10 that will change the ending. The first time you get to see the ending from this storyline, you will get a different ending, depending on how you


What’s new in Typical:

truck frames have a driver’s side frame member, left, and a passenger side frame member, right.

By Megan Hale Smith, CG Editor-in-Chief

Sitting in The Pit, a sports bar where a variety of Boston sports teams plays on the television screens above our heads, we’re laughing over tax laws. The word « tax » follows each of our voices as we raise and shake our heads.

Occasionally, a political commercial or campaign commercials emerge, accompanied by threats of loosing the electorate. I wonder aloud, aloud to my friend, if the town’s fine is lower because of all the traffic the construction has created. The answer? My friend’s affirmative.

Approaching a stop sign last Thursday afternoon, the doors on our truck shut hard, and it seemed like we stopped in the moment. In retrospect, of course, we didn’t. We traveled into the oncoming lane of traffic without realizing it, then ended up reversing into an adjacent truck. I remembered no damage. My friend had a bleeding dog.

It was close to the end of June when we spoke to each other about our circumstances, a month since our accident. I was trying to prepare him for seeing a small business owner who was working the gate at our local raceway. I wanted him to watch his dog walk through the gate when he saw the dog had been injured.

At first, I was worried. My normally stoic friend sounded like he wanted to kill someone.

My friend, on the passenger side of the truck (the dog was driving), was bleeding from one of his nostrils. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and packed it with tissues and tissues. He crumpled it into a ball, rubbing it and squeezing hard. His hands were shaking, and his breathing was labored. He tried to calm the dog, but he couldn’t.

The dog was snarling, growling, biting and snapping. My friend took it off the leash and walked it into the parking lot, the dog snapping at his hands and side. I said that the dog’s nails seemed to be short. My friend said that a lot of people didn’t have nice houses or nice cars. He said there were a lot of trees around. They could smash them against the fence.

I said he wasn’t going to smash his dog over the fence. He said it had been crushed since it was a puppy. It had degenerated into a small skeleton


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System Requirements For Typical:

Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
DirectX 9.0c
Minimum 8GB RAM
2 GB GPU memory
Minimum resolution: 1920×1080
Recommended: 1920×1080
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