If you often find yourself using the same keyboard shortcuts, especially when you are editing text, video, or performing a task in another program, you can create a macro that does all this for you in one easy click. Macros can be scripted in AppleScript, but sometimes you may want to do something in the background, outside of the normal scripting environment. This is where KeyMacro comes in. What is it? A free simple application that works with your keyboard to add predefined keyboard shortcuts, key mappings, key combinations, and more. What does it do? Allows you to create one or many macros for use with any application. It is very easy to create a macro and it uses AppleScript, so it’s easy to add to your system as a shortcut. In addition to this, it is completely free. How does it work? Just like many other apps that are similar, you need to create a template. In KeyMacro, this is called a « Shortcut » or « Key Macros ». You have the option of having one short key combination to do something. For example, you could create a shortcut for « L » to bring up a Finder window. You could create a different shortcut for the letter « F », and another for the « n » key, and that would produce a text file. You could make a shortcut for « A », « S », « G », and « D », and it would do different things in Microsoft Word. You can also make a shortcut that you can use in all the windows in your system. Then you can create a template. The template is simply a « Shortcut » or « Key Macros ». In the template, you can have as many keys that you want as the shortcut. There are tons of different things you can do in KeyMacro. Do a keystroke to save a web page, do a keystroke to select text, save a webpage to your hard drive, open a folder, open a file, do a search, show hidden items, etc. And there are many more. Everything is scriptable, so you can have any action you want. You can also have multiple macros that do the same thing. When you want to use the macro, you simply select the template, select the shortcut you want to use, and then you can start adding keystrokes.
The great thing about this program is that it’s easy to use and lots of fun. One thing that is great about this software is that, if you want to have 384a16bd22

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Take a guess on what key is shown above. The three text options and the image button show the key pressed and their associated macros.
Get a KeyMacro Logger with all of the fancy features at:

Mateusz VŠ

UI for a 3D scene at any time of your choice, with no effort. No need to sacrifice time for manual work.

Petr Šrámek

Great system. I have used it before. If you are looking for an innovative tool that is NOT bundled with the system, you can try Scene Builder.


You should look at KeyMapper. It is much more intuitive, and more usable.

Steve O.

Works great!

Paulo Garcia

It’s complicated to use, i don’t know why its so famous. But i see that it’s not the first time that’s going to be released.


Whats up with this keyless app? Like I tried and tested some other good apps such as SxS app creator and Pixologic apps. This is the most in your face app I have ever come across. The app isnt even functional it just stops my engine for no reason.

Hi Mats

I used Texture Editor for about a year now (on windows 10).
It works perfectly fine and I have never had any issues or crashes.


How do I get the Macros working?

George Whitfield

I downloaded this app and activated it on my Surface Book 3, the file is detected and opens as a.3ds file, but as soon as I move my stylus on the 3D model, it crashes.

I would like to know if there is some way to make it work.


You need the help of the original authors. I know I’m trying to do something similar for MAX 2018 and I have the same issues…


Have there been any developments on the XCode 8 beta and the new XCode 7.3?


Does anyone know what happened to [email protected]? It has vanished from the App Store.

[email protected]

Have you tried to


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