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The present invention relates to an electrodynamic pressure transducer and a method for manufacturing same, and more particularly, to an electrodynamic pressure transducer which may function as a super-sonic pressure sensing probe by providing a magnetic circuit with high sensitivity, and a method for manufacturing same.
2. Description of the Prior Art
A super-sonic pressure sensing probe is usually designed with a deflectable diaphragm disposed in a resonant cavity. The diaphragm has a small cavity or notch at the central position. When the diaphragm vibrates at a frequency slightly lower than the resonant frequency of the cavity, the vibrations of the diaphragm induce acousto-electric force to the diaphragm itself and, accordingly, the diaphragm deforms and changes the volume of the cavity as a function of the pressure. The pressure-induced deflection of the diaphragm generates a change in the resonant frequency of the resonant cavity, and the change in frequency is detected by any suitable method, such as, by a piezoelectric converter. The deflection of the diaphragm is obtained by measuring the frequency difference between the diaphragm and a reference cavity.
Conventional diaphragm-type pressure sensing probes, such as described above, suffer from the inability to sense below 100 Hz or above 1000 Hz. Accordingly, they can only sense a limited range of pressures. To obtain a broad range of pressure sensing capabilities, the prior art has developed a variety of pressure sensing methods and apparatus, which have been increasingly more complicated, expensive, and difficult to integrate into a small package.
What is needed is an easy and cheap method and apparatus for sensing a broad range of pressures in the sub-sonic and super-sonic range.This invention relates generally to a vehicle rear suspension, and more particularly to a vehicle rear suspension having an arm which supports a subframe.
In order to improve the efficiency of a truck in its chassis assembly operation, it is important to incorporate the most cost effective structure of the various suspension components. With this in mind, the task is to reduce the number of parts of the suspension. Another key factor in reducing the cost of truck manufacture is to simplify the task

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