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Cnc Keller Symplus 5.1 40

CHRIS SIXCOE DGC STATEMENT. TRT President’s Statement. DGC Chairman’s Statement.
Wed, 03 May 2019 18:14:24
Download CNC STEELER KA17-PG-1000-000-CFAL-AL1
The CNC STEELER KA17-PG-1000-000-CFAL-AL1 is a special order option we developed after analyzing the demand for these machines.
Good. Your letter was called in to the president and I appreciate your thoughtful letter.
I’m happy to write another one on this topic with you.
Let me invite you to our website to learn more about this special order option.
An order submission is already being received and we will start the process of manufacturing this machine.
A few weeks later. the CNC STEELER KA17-PG-1000-000-CFAL-AL1 will be shipped for $37,000.
Contact my personal email for additional details.
Thank you.
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From: RHEL 4 – Feature Engineering Team
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2019 1:05 PM
To: feature-engineering@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: CNC STEELER KA17-PG-1000-000-CFAL-AL1 option request
Thank you for contacting Red Hat Customer Success.
This is a better option for you and your organization.
All options will be invoiced.
I hope you will enjoy your experience and purchase from Red Hat.

You can also visit:
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Our support staff can be reached at
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One issue with the solution that i find is that after a time, it fails in a loop. I have had no issues with this so far.
Another issue is that the page flip did not play the beep correctly and i have found no solution for this.
The final issue that i have come across is that i have a problem in my logic that might have caused this. When i found the boards in the past, i had taken the supply voltage and linked it to the ground. To solve this issue, i am now using a balanced voltage divider. I am still not sure if this is the issue but i will keep the question open for a while in case someone more in to electronics can show me something.
Since the page flip plays a sound, i am not sure if this would be a valid solution but this should not be the only cause.
uint8_t i = 0;

TFT_CS = HIGH; // screen is off and the bit can be written
static uint32_t step = 0;

PORTB = 0x01; // PD5,0,


while (i = POWER_OFF_TIME_MS)
if (step >= POWER_ON_TIME_MS)
// Turn on the display
step = 0;
else if (step >= POWER_ON_TIME_MS)
if (step >= POWER_OFF_TIME_MS)


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