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How does the ‘dyld’ find the library when linking static library

I was wondering how does the linker find the library when linking a static library?
Let’s say I have a file: libfoo.a, which is linked to my program,
I can use the command’nm libfoo.a’to view all the contents in the library.
I can use the command’nm libfoo.a|grep symbols’to view the symbols in the library.
Now I want to get the compiled object file of the library, so that I can better examine the contents.
But I find that nm libfoo.a|grep symbols only lists the name of the symbols in the library.
Since I want to do the same things, I tried to use’nm’instead of’nm libfoo.a ‘, but it didn’t seem to work.
So how does the linker know that libfoo.a is a library, and how do I find the generated object files of the library?
My platform is OS X, and I’m using the GNU version of gcc.


nm tells you what the library is; the library lives in a part of your file system which your program reads at startup.
The contents of a binary are dumped into a binary file when you build it, and loaded from the binary file when you run the program.
Basically, your library is similar to the binary itself; you cannot reliably distinguish the two by examining the file contents.
If you are worried about finding out more about the libraries you’re using, try

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