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Easy to use application that evaluates a drive or directory for cluster size, wasted space and file count.
– Scan a location to examine, copy and export cluster size information
– Includes a very well-structured and consistent interface
– No installation is required
– Small footprint on system resources
– No changes to Windows registry
– Contains an easy-to-use application for evaluating the cluster size of a drive or folder
What’s New in This Release:
– Fixes for various bugs
– Ability to choose the drive or folder to be evaluated
– Ability to choose the location and type of data to be examined
– The locations of a drive or folder can be examined without being scanned
– The format of the results is changed to CSV, which is more suitable for further processing
– Ability to change the language
– Various minor bugs have been fixed
– Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
System Requirements:
– Window 7, Window 8, Window 10
Joan Rivers. Photo: Danny Moloshok/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

In the run-up to the release of her new show Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?, Rivers prepared for her first public interview in over four years. This week, she conducted one with TMZ, and, as the description says, “a good reporter will do,” and the result was more Joan: righteous indignation, bitchy as hell, and a whole lotta mean.

Joan Rivers has been nothing but a prick, and we hope she gets sued for every dime.

A few years back, Joan was a contestant on America’s Got Talent. And believe it or not, she did OK, enough so that the next season, she was on the show again, where she promptly made the judges roll their eyes, then did a striptease and went on to beat Jon Lovitz in the semi-finals. But one of the judges, Ellen DeGeneres, was sufficiently taken with Joan that she pitched a show to NBC in which she would go on to become the judge. Ellen’s show, however, never happened; it went off the air after only three episodes.

And then, four years ago, Joan had her best friend Melissa Rivers on her show, and they’d just filmed what was supposed to be the end of the show when, as the cameras panned around the studio, Melissa suddenly began to cry, in a eea19f52d2


– Some basic editing is possible.
– Scripts are stored in Kix2Exe and can be edited there.
– The ‘packaging’ settings can be edited in the GUI (optional)
– The GUI saves the script and automatically packages it to a x86 executable with option to write a separate configuration file
– Scripts can be packed to an archive in a few clicks
– Scripts can be packed into a download from file or a URL
– Commands can be executed in a new command window.
– Supports inbuilt editor (optional)
– Scripts can be executed in a separate command window (optional)
– Support for the new dependencies storage schema (optional)
– Support for the new commands (optional)
– GUI interface to package, execute and search for scripts, see readme.txt for more information
Changes and future developments:
– The GUI is still a work in progress. More features will be added in the future.
– For now the GUI shows the output of the script in the text editor.
– The dependencies are currently saved to a folder specified by the ‘depends’ option.
– The GUI currently only displays the commandline ‘Run’ and ‘Install’ options. It shows them as a blue button. When clicked on, it executes the specified script. The blue button also starts the scripts in the new command window.
– The GUI supports a new dependency system that is still in development. This system has its own description and the GUI can also work with it. To see what the GUI uses, check out the readme.txt.
– The GUI currently supports the ‘New Script’ option in the ‘Scripts’ menu.
– This option opens an empty window to create new scripts.
– The GUI is working on the ‘File’ menu.
– When the GUI is started for the first time, a script called’startup’ is automatically executed in a new command window. This window has two extra buttons ‘OK’ and ‘Cancel’. They will automatically close the window and close the new command window.
– The GUI can work with an external editor. Currently the GUI works with notepad++.
– The GUI supports the old basic version of the Kix2Exe dependencies system.
– A dialog box to search for scripts in Kix2Exe was added.
– Options to run scripts in a new command window, execute them, open the new window and show the output


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