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We will reveal a new game


Sumo Stuntmen 7 Features Key:

  • Play with up to 3 local or online players on two maps.
  • Race players around a customisable arena.
  • Powerups and other devious tricks to ensure there is always a winner.


  • The arrow keys: left-click to roll forward, right-click to jump.
  • Space: Spin your vehicle!
  • Spacebar + Z: Jump
  • Control pad: Enter/Exit vehicles, Jump


  • The arrow keys: left-click to roll forward, right-click to jump.
  • Left mouse button: Shoot!
  • Space: Spin
  • Spacebar + Z: Jump
  • Control pad: Enter vehicles, Exit vehicles, Jump

User Interface:

  • Use the
  • Control screen: use the controlpad
  • Controls for teammates:
    • Put the right mouse button over them to unlock their control
    • Light white bar on the bottom of the screen when their control is ready
    • Invite them to join by clicking on the invite icon
    • See item infos
    • See friends menu
    • Friends
    • Friends about the team
  • Team screen:
    • status: status info
    • teammate list:
      • click on a friend to see more info
      • invite them to the team by clicking on the invite icon
      • invite a friend to the team by clicking on them


      Sumo Stuntmen 7 Free

      Sumo Stuntmen 7 is a physics-based action game that challenges you to perform amazing stunts.
      You take the role of ten stuntmen, battling their way through a series of missions.
      If you perform well in the missions, you can invite your friends to compete in your own league.
      Take your time with the training, and study the ropes to perfect your stunt.
      Join the very best stuntmen in an epic stunt racing race.
      Join the cast of seven racers, and have fun while you compete in this crazy stunt game.
      ★★★ Features ★★★
      ✔ HD Graphics!
      ✔ Physics-based gameplay
      ✔ Amazing Stunts
      ✔ Physics-based ragdoll system
      ✔ An epic stunt racing game
      ✔ Music and Sound
      ✔ Challenging stunt races
      ✔ Daily missions to complete
      ✔ Invite friends to compete
      ✔ 100+ Stunts
      ✔ Stunts levels, movie-shooting scenes, training & racing
      ✔ Easy-to-use controls
      ✔ Stuntmen are able to use their arms freely
      ✔ Enjoy your ride
      ✔ 100% Free

      Gel is NOT a game we invented. We were inspired by a similar game called ‘Gelata’, developed by indie studio Bike Game Studios.

      We did a lot of in-house investigation to make the best game possible.

      Especially we loved the rich stats and the ludic experience it provides.
      We also love the game’s design and the game’s rules. It made us a lot of fun.

      Of course we read and studied it, as we did for Gangstar, Midtown Madness, and UT2004.

      The game is 100% free but we have some examples of paid DLC in the gallery.

      We like the bike and the stunts.
      We like these stunts:
      – Climbing and falling – They are very lifelike.
      – Overtaking – They are very dynamic.
      – Freefall – They are very realistic.
      – Rolling – They are very fast.
      – Midsection – They are really fun to perform.
      – Slides – They are really fun to perform.
      – Ramp Jump – They are fun to perform.

      Some advices for players:
      – They are missing something behind this wrecking, smashing, bouncing
      – They are missing a target
      – They are missing a leaderboard

      The Update:


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      Tophan, a vietnamese fantasy adventure survival game. Fight, run, jump and dodge your way to survive the jungle.
      Created by New-Frame games

      Contact us: contact@newframegames.com

      The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD will be released tomorrow, and after the first demo, we decided to do another review of The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past.
      You will love this part! It’s even better than the first one!
      Do not forget to write us a review on iTune!

      Check out the official website of the game:
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      Check out the official Zelda wiki:
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      I don’t really remember if this is the « oldest » WiiWare (there are older games too, like Paper Mario) but when I found it I got a bit excited for the times before WiiWare and we don’t need any more proof of just how long Nintendo has been throwing WiiWare games on the Wii this year with Mother 3.

      Tophan, a vietnamese fantasy adventure survival game.


      What’s new:

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