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You can backup your media (USB key, CD-R, Mini-CD, CD, DVD, DVD-DL) content into separate folders without using any external software.
This software is compatible with Windows Vista and XP.
Steps To Backup All CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R Media Using SpeedUsb2CdDvd:
■ Download the SpeedUsb2CdDvd:
■ Then double-click on the file and accept the End-User Licence Agreement.
■ To Backup your media content, select CD, DVD, DVD-DL according to your media.
■ Then, choose the destination folder, the size of your media, and click on « Backup ».
The main interface is very simple, and it’s not difficult to use.
In case of failure, you can always try to use the « Reset » feature.
You can also restore your media content (CD-R, DVD-R) in 3 or 4 clicks.
There are different possibilities to split your media content between several folders.
You can choose to divide your media content between folders, if you want to keep them separately.
Your data will be well protected.
The backup and restore features are very easy to use and the quality of the data is perfect.
SpeedUsb2CdDvd will only backup what you want (CD, DVD, DVD-DL).
SpeedUsb2CdDvd Windows Requirements:
■ Windows XP or higher.
■ To use the Easy CD/DVD backup (select « Easy CD/DVD backup »), you must have installed Easy CD/DVD backup.
■ To use the Exact CD/DVD backup (select « Exact CD/DVD backup »), you must have installed the product Easy CD/DVD backup.
■ To use the Blu-Ray DVD backup (select « Blu-Ray DVD backup »), you must have installed the product Easy CD/DVD backup.
■ If the 1st option is selected (to backup the whole media), you must have installed Easy CD/DVD backup.
■ If the 3rd option is selected (to backup a folder), you must have installed the product Easy CD/DVD backup.
■ For the 4th option (to backup a folder and compress), you must have installed the product Easy eea19f52d2

The DynamicPDF Converter for.NET is a reliable utility that can help application developers to integrate PDF conversion abilities within their.NET applications in a convenient manner. It provides programmers with dynamic conversion support for more than 60 formats, such as RTX, DOC, HTML, XLS or JPEG.
Users can convert their documents to PDF format quickly, directly from within the host application, as this tool provides them with the support they need. More so, it offers them the possibility to handle any event easily, whether its a failed or a successful conversion.
This tool is actually a standalone component that might require users to grant it administrator rights. Also, to yield the expected feedback, the application requires a reference to the « ceTe.DynamicPDF.Converter » dll component.
Although DynamicPDF Converter for.NET is a powerful component, it comes with a number of limitations. It does not provide support for HTML-embedded SVG images and flash components conversion.
Additionally, it is capable of converting documents to an output that does not exceed 9000 points or 125 inches, dimension-wise. This parameter can be defined by relying on the ConversionOptions class.
Output PDF file size might be significantly increased whenever the users wants to convert monochrome TIFF documents to RGB color formats and rendered into PDF. More so, links are not available in the output document (only the text and formatting is preserved), if you want to convert a file that contains hyperlinks.
Key features of DynamicPDF Converter for.NET:
* Quickest way to create PDF documents from Microsoft Windows applications
* Accurate PDF conversion for any computer platform (from Windows to Linux)
* Save your documents in all popular PDF formats
* Create PDF documents directly from Microsoft Office applications
* Convert Office documents to PDF formats
* Send documents as attachment
* Send documents as a hyperlink
* Supports a number of Microsoft Office formats (DOC, XLS, PPT, HTM, XLSX, PPTX, RTF, HTML, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, RTFD, GIF, BMP, PDF)
* Convert documents to PDFs with high quality and stability
* Convert documents to PDFs of various sizes
* Convert documents to PDFs of a specified quality level
* Convert monochrome TIFF to RGB (color) PDFs
* Generate PDF documents from HTML-embedded XHTML
* Save documents with embedded drawings, charts, and other images as images in the

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