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Conversation Locker is a plugin for popular multi-protocol messenger Pidgin that restricts closing of important conversations (windows or tabs) by locking them. It allows you to select which conversations should be prevented from closing so those won’t be closed by mistake.
Instead of switching to tab, you may mistakenly close some other important tab. Has it ever happened with you? If yes, this is the plugin you need. Just lock important conversations by clicking lock button (shown in screenshots). So the little « X » button on the tab will be unclickable, thus avoiding losing important conversation.
Conversation Locker Features:

New: You can customize which conversations can be locked by entering their names into the text boxes and checkboxes (when the plugin is launched), or you can set it automatically on launch of Pidgin.
New: You can specify conversation types: by including particular protocol, by IP address, by website, and by URL. You can also specify which conversation types you will block.
New: You can set the delay between triggering the dialog (by double click or message list update). You can also set the time after which the conversation is considered « locked ».
New: You can hide this notification if you don’t want to see it.
New: You can define a custom message when conversation is locked, or a custom message when conversation is released.
New: You can set « Always on top » if you want to.
New: You can have a custom icon.
New: You can set custom color for the message text.
New: You can specify which app should be launched when an important conversation is opened (by clicking « Add to this app »).
New: You can specify which font style should be used for the text.
New: You can set various colors for the lock icon, and the message text.
Old: You can set which protocol you wish to be always locked (in the Preferences menu), by specifying a protocol as one of the options.
Old: You can specify which conversations should be locked by IP address, website or URL (in the Preferences menu), by entering the IP address, website or URL into the corresponding fields.
Old: You can specify which conversations should be locked by protocol (in the Preferences menu), by specifying one of the protocols as one of the options.
Old: You can specify which conversations should be locked by protocol and number of participants (in the Preferences menu), by specifying one of the 84e02134c1

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KEYMACRO is a tool that can help you to create keyframes for animation with various interpolation options. You can use this tool to make frame-by-frame animation using any picture on your computer. With a click of a button, you can make any picture on your computer into a series of images in a flash. It has tools for frames, layers and interpolation. A preview of your frames shows what you will get and what it will look like. You can easily add effects such as colors, blur, text, layer control, picture frame, and the ability to zoom. This is a neat tool for creating animations.
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Pixie and Shaker Adventure – Pink Like A Rose With Lyrics

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Pixie and Shaker Adventure – Pink Like A Rose With Lyrics, Best FemaleArtist, Keywords: Pixie Adventure, Pink Like A Rose With Lyrics, By Shaker Adventure, Song In English, original song by Shaker Adventure
Listen to all music and sounds of Pixie and Shaker Adventure and follow your favorite songs and artists on Spotify. In addition to a detailed music sheet available, you can also find lyrics, real audio, unique videos and photos of the artists.
Pixie and Shaker Adventure is an American duo of avant-garde electronic music producers consisting of musician Kim Tragert and recording engineer Trent Willowiuk, based in Los Angeles, California.
The two began their musical collaboration while working together at Vancouver recording studio Sparkle Cherry Records. Together they would produce eccentric and original music around the central idea of « making a noise » and attracted attention with their eclectic work, original sound and visual aesthetic, winning them several competitions including 1st place in the Electrifying The Future contest, sponsored by Mojo Production, which earned them a slot performance at South by Southwest in 2013.
Pixie and Shaker Adventure uses original music, sound design and direction to create their own unique visual aesthetic: « the music video is as much a visual experience as a musical one, » the duo say. The duo took direction from each other’s preferences, Willowiuk as an artist with a background in film and television and Tragert a performance artist who has been creating music since she was eight years old.
After the

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