Roland Cloud – Anthology 1986 V.3.2 (CONCERTO) !NEW!

Roland Cloud – Anthology 1986 V.3.2 (CONCERTO) !NEW!



Roland Cloud – Anthology 1986 V.3.2 (CONCERTO)

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Twilight zone ™ (often referred to as the ‘TZ’, sometimes written with a lowercase t), is an American television anthology series that debuted in 1959; running in reruns until 1989 when it was cancelled due to low ratings. Twenty-nine episodes were broadcast over 14 seasons. It was inspired by the successful anthology series The Twilight Zone (1959 – 1964).
Notable episodes
A segment, « Deathsville » (1982) directed by John G. Dunn, is available on VHS and DVD, and was included in the 1990s Timeless Media Group DVD anthology series The Twilight Zone Collection.

The series was revived for a short-lived revival of the mid-1980s, using the title The New Twilight Zone. The initial seven-episode season was filmed from February to July 1985 at the end of the original Twilight Zone series. The New Twilight Zone was discontinued after its first season.
The first three episodes of The New Twilight Zone were later assembled and released as a set of 5 three-CD .
The Twilight Zone was resurrected in 2016 with a 13 episode season on the Syfy channel. Also, in 2016, CBS released The Twilight Zone Classic on DVD and Blu-ray, featuring all thirteen episodes on a four-disc set (2 discs for each season).

The Twilight Zone was a pop culture sensation of the early to mid-1950s. Its creators, Rod Serling and producer Joseph Stefano, introduced episodes of the science fiction/horror anthology series which included tales of time travel, alternate dimensions, UFOs, time rifts, alien encounters, and other fantastic phenomena.

Following their departure from NBC in 1955, the creative team was hired by CBS (with others including director George Tomasini) to produce the anthology series The Twilight Zone, which debuted on CBS on October 2, 1959. The original run of the series was produced until the end of the 1964 season, and has been one of the highest-rated American television shows of all time. The show was revived as The Twilight Zone in 1985 for one season (featuring all 29 episodes of the original series) and in 2016 for a short-lived revival, which lasted 13 episodes (featuring the first three episodes of the revival). This

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