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Name Elden Ring
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This is a fantasy role-playing game that centers on a fantasy setting where the setting and story are different from other games. In the game, you can become a character and start an epic quest. This game is designed for people who want an entertaining story and exciting gameplay.
1. Click on the “Adventure Mode” button on the main menu to start the adventure.
2. Enter the adventure by opening new maps or opening a map from the map list to explore the adventure.
3. A single player can take a solo adventure and have a variety of different play experiences by entering the map.
1. Click on the “Team Adventure Mode” button on the main menu to enter team adventure mode.
2. Team adventure mode is a different style of team play compared to solo adventure mode. In team adventure mode, players who are in your party can use the same map together as a team. When selecting a party, you are able to select which party members will accompany you in the same map.
1. Click on the “Multi Player Adventure Mode” button on the main menu to play with online players.
2. Once you have started a match, it is possible to enter a map directly to play with other players. However, this requires an additional fee and registration.

1. Each party will have their own unique characters. You can adjust the appearance of your character, such as your face, body, and accessories. You will be able to earn a variety of equipment as you progress through the story.
1. The party will each have a set amount of variant points for their character. You can use these points to change their power levels. When you level up the variant points you have


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Create your Own Legend
    In the Quests, PvP, and Item Shop, you can create a unique scenario and experience a new adventure.
  • Play a Fantasy Roleplaying Game
    Experience the struggles of a fantasy roleplaying game. While you are in the midst of the adventure, the confidante voices of the Illusory Child constantly pester you, urging you to strive for more!
  • Unique Character Development System
    Reinforce your own play style by randomly combining unique characteristics across your class and the types of weapons and armor that you equip.
  • Epic Battles Utilizing Unique Attacks
    In accordance with the power of the Elden Ring and the high strength of the Enshrouding Mist, we are able to create a completely different kind of battle.
    The skills you used before will be useless in this new type of battle. Do you have what it takes?
  • Both Single and Multiplayer Multiplayer Battles
    Battle under various conditions ranging from normal to ultra, in both single-player solo game and multiplayer asynchronous multiplayer.
  • Frugal Crafting System
    Through the low crafting costs of weapons, armor, and magical equipment, strive to become the best craftsman in the world.
    All of the materials needed to craft new items of other classes are acquired through quests and story missions.
  • What’s New?
    • Elden Lords are able to raise the levels of other characters in a group in which they are traveling with them. If you enter an instance dungeon and have one member of your group with a higher level than you, your level can be raised.
      In addition, if you choose to follow the same quest route as another character in the group, you will also be able to receive the rewards for clearing the quest.
    • An Outlined Storyline Called ‘Reading the Scenes’
      Search for the woman you love in the search mission ‘The Silver Mask.’ After meeting all of the characters in the quest and completing all of the dialogue with them, you will be allowed to enter the next step of the story in the ‘Reading the Scenes’ quest.
    • More than 40 classes representing the broad spectrum of the fantasy roleplaying genre have been catalogued and added as job opportunities in the Item Shop. What kind of play style will you construct?

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      Sculpted in a different 3D Studio Max to the PS4 version, the environments look strikingly gorgeous and even have an upgraded graphic mode called REFLECTION.

      The game uses an « Actor » system, which is a new re-implementation of the « Actor » system of the first game. In it, characters are represented by independent « Actor » objects with their own memory, which can be given different attributes and roles.

      Bard has changed to Bard 2.0!

      All of the weapons and gear he had before have become more powerful and magical and can be equipped with any of four types of bardic magic. With these four types of bardic magic, you can choose how you want to perform actions!

      Do you want to do magic that deals with physical damage, such as fire or lightning?

      Or magic that deals with spirits and the supernatural, such as the ability to summon monsters or call upon the power of the gods?

      Or maybe you want to strengthen your physical strength? Maybe you want to focus on magic that increases the ability to withstand attacks and combat skill?

      There’s a broad variety of options to suit any play style!


      An Epic Story Written by


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      ☆ In-Depth Character and Equipment Development SYSTEM
      Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
      – Select and develop your own character and create an unparalleled play style.
      – Create and develop many types of equipment, including weapons, armor, and magic.
      – Fight up to three stages per dungeon to collect items and boost your stats.
      – Delineate your class with traits, gaining class-specific abilities.
      – Explore the vast world and the Labyrinth, where you will encounter fearsome monsters and attack bosses.
      – Can you create a formidable and powerful ally that will help you take down the strongest enemies?

      Status Health Movement Speed Attack Damage Magic Resistance Health
      +144 HP 40 40 10 80 65
      +72 HP 40 20 15 80 50
      +84 HP 40 40 15 80 60
      +132 HP 40 40 20 80 65
      -208 HP 40 20 15 40 50
      -224 HP 40 40 15 40 60
      -240 HP 40 40 20 40 65

      ☆ A Wide Variety of Characters and Dungeons
      Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
      – Fight with the fire-breathing monster Medusa, the powerful Valkyrie with her ice-based magic, the godlike Wizard who conjures magical illusions, and many other new challenges.
      – You will encounter surprises, as many of the monsters have characteristics that will change the course of battle.
      – There are a large variety of monsters in this massive dungeon.
      – In-depth improvements have been made to the equipment and character progression systems.
      – You will be able to deepen the gameplay experience by equipping different gear with different skills.

      Status Health Damage Shield Block
      +32 HP 10 1 95 0
      +39 HP 11 2 100 10
      +48 HP 12 5 100 15
      +66 HP 14 7 120 20
      +80 HP 15 15 120 25
      +97 HP 16 20 130 30
      +106 HP 17 25 135 40
      +118 HP 18 30 140 45
      +130 HP 19 40 146 50
      +138 HP 20 50 147 55
      +147 HP 21 55 155 60
      +156 HP 22 60 160 65
      +164 HP 23 75 165 70
      +172 HP 24 100 170 75
      +184 HP 25 120 175 80


      What’s new in Elden Ring:


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    How to Play:

    The main menu will display in the screen when the user launches the game for the first time.

    The keys of “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”, “6”, “7”, “8”, “9”, “0”, “Escape”, and “Attack” keys work as functions of the touchpad of the Gamepad. The “Up”, “Down”, “Left”, and “Right” keys work as controls for the game on the gamepad.

    When the user enters the game, the graphics will be displayed on the gamepad. The graphics displayed on the screen will be enlarged.

    Left joystick: Control map

    Left joy stick: Increase or decrease the number of times the user attacks monsters

    Right joystick: Add or decrease the number of Attack points that the user receives

    Right Joystick: Play the game

    Left Joystick: Restart the game

    Left Joystick: Cancel the game

    Right Joystick: Reset the game

    Left Joystick: Back button

    Right Joystick: Pause button

    Pause button:

    Left Joystick: Show map

    Right Joystick: Hide map

    Up button:

    Left Joystick: Exit the game

    Right Joystick: Exit the game


    A button: Open Screen mode

    B button: Change the volume of the music

    K button: Open the A.I. mode



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    How To Uninstall & Crack Elden Ring.

    • First Download and extracted (For Uninstallation).
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    • Exit from the game..
    • Click uninstall, then click ok..
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    How To Play & Cracked How To Play.

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