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We hope you enjoy it!Q:

Constant variable

In C++, are variables declared in a class with an initialization list actually set at compile time? In other words, if I do:
class A {
const int i = 10;

Then is this constant initialized at compile time or runtime? Or is it always a compile error?


It will be set at compile time.
Having said that, I’d recommend against setting such a const. As far as I’m concerned, it defeats the purpose of const.
From C++11, it could cause a problem for someone.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using CShell.Common.Utils;

namespace CShell.Framework.IO.Plugins
public class PluginID
private string id;
public PluginID(string id)
{ = id;
public PluginID(string id, string data)
: this(id)
if(data!= null)
{ = string.Concat(id, « _ », data);
public string Name
get { return; }


Passing part of URL as parameter to Controller

I need to pass a part of a url as a parameter from one page to another


Features Key:

  • A completely new fantasy action RPG with a large world full of content.

    A huge world inhabited by various people, monsters, and dinosaurs.

    The vast world is connected in a seamless fashion, so you can enjoy a thrilling story without being limited to the dungeons of one map.

    The various weapons, armor, and magic you acquire are customizable, so players can freely develop their character according to their play style.

    An exciting story that evolves by obtaining a large variety of items and runes and leading the hero who gathers them.

    An asynchronous online connection element that allows you to safely and easily play with others.

  • A completely new fantasy RPG which players can enjoy with friends by allowing for the C for COSMOS Co-op Multiplayer Experience.

    As your character travels between towns with other players, a new online experience called the “local communication system” will enable you to search for other players, ask for advice about using your current ability, and so on.

  • A completely new fantasy battle featuring original game mechanics including commands and formations.

    The defensive power of your allies is strengthened through the combination of battles between enemy formations and attacks on the enemy’s weak points, to allow players to freely play their tactics.

    Adaptive commands that adapt to the current situation as the battle progresses encourage players to freely experiment with tactics.

    Boss battles are promoted when enemies of higher level appear.

  • A completely new fantasy action RPG which adds “Class Points,” which enables players to specialize in weapons, magic, and armor.

    In addition to the usual stats, Class Points are gained when a weapon or armor is used.

    When experience points are earned through tough battles, Class Points are added to improve the stat types available for use and raise the level of the character.


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    « I got hooked by some gameplay videos of the Tarnished game, and really enjoyed the vividness of its graphics and the combined charm and action of this game. I was also surprised by the outstanding challenge of the combat system.
    … [I]s also an RPG that genuinely deserves our time and care. There’s no low-grade story or waste-of-time game play, and the characters are well developed, with cute and cheerful designs. I think that in addition to its intense battle system and rich story, this title will certainly appeal to adventurers and JRPG fans alike. »


    « This is a game where killing enemies isn’t just the best option, but also the only option. It’s the kind of challenge that can only be found in action RPGs. »


    « With innovative gameplay and a great story, Elden Ring is a definite gem of this year.
    … The game faithfully represents the strategy, personality and charm of the Isekai genre, and is ready to enthrall players with its unique approach to an RPG. »


    « It’s a game that captures the vibrancy and dynamism of the Isekai genre and gives players the chance to enjoy a refreshing system of battles, which makes it easier to forget the stress of work. »


    « The whole game is filled with visual treats, packed with charm and variety.
    … It’s a game that appreciates simplicity at its best. It has a lively and energetic story, with a rich graphic environment. »


    « Elden Ring is a game where the rich charm of action games and the sense of realism gained from a simulation RPG intersect. It’s the kind of JRPG that makes me feel the sensation of being transported to a new world. »


    « The Isekai genre is getting more popular by the year, thanks to games like Isekai Refrain, Mobius Final Fantasy and above all, the Elden Ring. It’s a genre that’s filled with a sense of wonder, and even though it’s not my type of game, Elden Ring is definitely one of the most


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    This game contains a free and safe download.
    DirectX® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
    This game is not affiliated with or endorsed by
    Microsoft Corporation or its licensors. This game is
    not affiliated with World Of Warcraft®. All game content
    and materials are the copyright of their respective

    CSS colors: 20 colors that go with everything – aron

    This is pretty funny. I love the jokey theme going on: « I learned something
    today, luckily it was totally not about colors. »

    This is, in a sense, like how Colourbrew
    () is pretty comprehensive, but isn’t exactly for

    I wish there was a CSS Color Language which explained the physical meanings of
    what we know as colors.

    From CSS: Painting and Colour Printing


    Tension in suspension bridge

    what is tension in a suspension bridge? why suspension bridges make a balanced bridge?


    The tensile stresses are in tension and compression. The arrows of a stress diagram indicate the direction of the stress. The tensile stresses in a bridge are the stress that causes a bridge to lengthen. The compressive stresses are the stress that causes a bridge to shorten.
    In a suspension bridge the cables run in cross tension (2 cables running parallel, pulling in opposite directions) or in parallel tension (1 cable pulling in one direction and 1 cable pulling in the other direction). The bridge is kept in balance by the two cables of the same cross section pulling in different directions with equal magnitude.


    In a suspension bridge, tension and compression are the vertical forces on each of the support points that connect to the bridge members.
    Compressive stresses on the bridge components cause the bridge to sag.
    When an object is stressed, any displacement of the object will create tension in the stressed object.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:



    Putoburst Cup
    Dream Inc

    A boy’s mind is reeling.


    Wretched Quarter


    1. Field
    The present embodiments relate to active laser targets and more particularly to active laser targets that emit visible, near-infrared, and/or mid-infrared radiation.
    2. Description of Related Art
    Over the last several decades, much effort has been expended in looking for more efficient methods of actively orienting and pointing a laser beam. Sometimes, a beam is used as a laser beam source in laser target detection because the beam can be easily viewed and monitored. Advantageously, lasers that irradiate, for example, a narrow region of space—for example, only a few square inches—can be effectively focused by using, for example, an imaging lens. The resulting focused spot is invisible to the naked eye. When a laser source is focused on a paper target or other target having absorptive and scattering properties, the instantaneous energy contained within the focused spot will be absorbed and scattered within the target material. As a result, the energy of the laser beam will heat the target material to the extent that the target material will emit radiation in the visible spectrum—that is, a “bright” flash of light. By accurately measuring the range and azimuth and elevation angles of the laser beam with respect to the target, the irradiance of the laser beam can be calculated. See, e.g., Hartmann, E. R., “Calibration of Rangefinding Systems,” Air Force Institute of Technology Monograph, FA86-35-0165 (1986).
    Some conventional laser rangefinders use a solid-state emitter or lasing compound which is typically located at the back focal plane of the detection lens or at the front focal plane. These lasers use an active medium such as an ionized plasma, high-pressure laser gases, or a diode laser. Examples of some conventional lasers are


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    Elden Ring – At the top of the hill sat the sign of a diamond.

    The forest stretched, boundless, in all directions and it had always been this way. At the foot of the peak there was a stone gateway and an anvil shaped like a human. Was a human? The anvil was seated in a ravenous mountain.

    An anvil. How hollow are your hands? Let me whisper, an anvil.

    A sign. Before the anvil the creek flowed.

    How hollow is your heart?

    The wind whistled in the trees, sounded like a human snoring.

    Someone was there, at the bottom of the hill.

    The wind whistled in the trees, sounded like a human snoring.

    The person was asleep. The mountain was roaring. The mountain was calling out to the anvil. The anvil had already thrown to the ground.

    The anvil was shaking. The anvil was wanting to say something, but the night was getting close and fast, and the night is a powerful thing.

    The wind whistled in the trees, sounded like a human snoring.

    It was about to begin.

    The anvil was ringing.

    The anvil was calling out to the waterfall and the waterfall was seeking out the anvil. It was no anvil that roared, but an anvil.

    The anvil wanted to go down. It


    How To Crack:

  • Hold shift and right click on the game in your DVD drive to start the installation.
  • When the Installshield is done with its job, you can launch the « Elden Ring, Uncracked » to play the game.
  • Go to your c:/ drive and open the crack.txt file you found to the folder « drive E » and edit its name to « myConfig.ini » by removing the « Elden Ring, Uncracked. »
  • All modifications can be done at once by pressing the « APPLY » button.
  • You can now play the game. Enjoy!
  • Credits:

    Art Design         DavidSgoniger (
    Emojis          Marcqmad(
    Pack Frontage          DiklaR (
    Color           FireandRaziel (

    Boot up, boot up!


    The Tarnished Blade.



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
    OSX 10.7+
    4GB RAM
    55 MB DirectX compatible video card or higher
    512MB VRAM
    Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10OSX 10.7+4GB RAM55 MB DirectX compatible video card or higher512MB VRAM
    The emulation works with most of the same titles as Oculus Home.
    Virtual Boy Advance requires version 1.2.0-rc1 to run.


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