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Role of the Age
The main character, Tarnished, is a holy demigod of the Elden Ring who received the blessing of the Elden from the goddess Elden. Although he had a good life, he was cursed to be a cursed being and his true identity was hidden.
His true name is “Agarest”. The mysterious woman Meruda appeared and led him into an adventure which is not finished yet.
Tarnished, together with Meruda, continue the adventure, alone or together with others.


RPG is a genre of game in which the player character can fight monsters, complete quests, and collect items.
By carrying out quests and battles, the player character can obtain items, trade with people, and increase attributes.
As the player character’s attributes increase, the difficulty of the quests and battles increase and the attributes of the character can be improved at a certain point.

Role-Playing Game (RPG)

It is a genre of game in which the player can obtain items and use them to accomplish tasks.

RPG (Role-Playing Game)

A game that is played as a simulation of a role-playing experience in the real world.



Adventurer’s lifetime has been exceeded.

Carry out your quest and hear the stories of the peoples of the lands.

Let yourself be guided by grace and becoming an adventurer.

“Wait, that’s no good.”

The old saying goes, “A good fighter is a wise fighter.”

You are a brave warrior, who can overcome the challenges in whatever way you wish.

However, you are also sometimes scared.

To ensure your safety while doing your quests, we will make a game that is rich and tough to make you feel safe.

Strategy In-game


Its purpose is not only to make the world look realistic, but also to build a game that is as rich as possible.

Visceral Gameplay

“Surprise, that’s no good.”

When you hear the sound of someone dancing into battle, you get shocked.

In-Game Movement System

You can easily customize your movement method.

“The punch is no good.


Features Key:

  • Multisession Play : A new chapter can be accessed on the minute. Every chapter can be completed in a single sitting. It is the same play style as a traditional RPG, but it is also possible to return to previous chapters after it is completed.
  • Upgrades : All equipment obtained will be equipped again when you level up and obtain new equipment. Through upgrades, you can fine tune your equipment at any time. For example, the damage dealt by your sword to monsters will increase, making it possible to face more powerful enemies.
  • Art Subscription : With the art subcription feature, you can receive an art package sent from the first print run. To become a Lord of the First Run, you need to purchase the art package to receive the items at their highest levels.
  • Invoke a Lord (Mass Effect-like): Just as you can speak with the characters you meet in the story, you can talk to the characters that your Lord summons to follow you. This allows you to decrease the amount of time spent on advancing your character while having the opportunity to experience more on the battlefield.

    Drop on is a hack and slash game that
    allowed you to mix challenging online
    strategy in conquest mode with easy to
    use dungeon exploration.

    Warning :

    Podcast recording today (Monday 21 May).

    April Newsletter – Harvest Moon Anniversary Queen of Tea

    What’s new in the game?:

    • There’s a brand new 8-bit version (Arcade, NES, 2Player) as well as the new full version at the Nintendo eShop. You can also create your own 8-bit boxt from the widget in the menu. Earn and gather seasonal items and them in your free time to level up in the prosperous town!
    • Update 1.3 complete all missing features and fixes (Joypad, characters, doctor, map…).
    • New features: Joypad, Characters & dialog can all be interchanged.
    • Also check out: New characters: Flower Fairy (no joke!)

    Anniversary Quotes:

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