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Keymacro is a keyboard control program that enables you to
simulate keys and define actions on the keyboard, allowing you to perform
your most common tasks with ease. You can change the function of keys and
buttons and assign them to any desired key or macro on the keyboard.
It also provides a configuration to key mappings for the different
Windows versions. Additionally, it provides a function to convert between
all the major keyboard formats.
KEYMACRO benefits:
1. This program allows you to define and assign macros, hotkeys and
shortcuts that can be executed at any time.
2. Its easy to use with intuitive interface and clear menus.
3. Keymacro has already provided you with many useful functions
such as key remapping, hotkey and command execution, conversion of
keyboard format and compatibility with older and newer versions of
4. It will help you convert between the various keyboard
layouts, which are different from one keyboard model to another,
including the format used by the computer BIOS and various versions
of Windows operating system.
5. When you want to copy the commands in a text document, you can
copy and paste them directly into the Keymacro menu to generate a
keyboard command file.
6. The hotkeys can be saved in any computer folders.
7. You can configure the operation of the hotkeys by choosing the
clicking status, key combination and repeat count.
8. You can assign one hotkey to execute more than one command.

Keys2Config provides a set of key macros, which can be used to
manually modify the hardware keyboard layout of your computer.
It gives you the chance to change the number of rows and columns of
the keyboard as well as various other aspects, including the position
and status of the control keys. It works for almost every keyboard
model with the Windows operating system.
Keyboard Layout Editor description:
The Layout Editor is an application that lets you edit the
character set of the keyboard layout in the registry. You can enable
the option “Show ASCII Layout” in order to display the layout of
the most important keys (English, French, German, and so on) in
the menu bar. You can also change the position and status of the
control keys on the keyboard.
Keyboard Layout Editor benefits:
1. The application is capable of modifying the 384a16bd22

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REG_SZ String to be saved in HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftCommand ProcessorAutorun:
REG_SZ The path to the batch script that you want to run. For instance, if you want the Command Line to be launched, then it should be in the same directory as the batch script.
REG_SZ /c cmd /c  »
@ECHO off
cmd /C: « C:\mybatch.bat »
The /c parameter is just to make the command that follows the @ECHO off execute first, and then echo off after the script is terminated.
The other parameters are self-explanatory.
Installation Steps:
Download and Save CmdStartup.zip to your hard disk.
Extract the zip file.
Double click on the CmdStartup.exe file.
Select the location where you want to save the file, and click on the Save button.
Execution Steps:
Run the Command Line, where the script to be executed is located, and follow the instructions. For instance, if you want the Command Line to run at boot, then simply press Ctrl + Shift + Del, and then start typing « CmdStartup » in the search. A result similar to below should appear.

Double click on the shortcut and then select the Run As Administrator option.
Press Enter to run the batch file, where you have specified the Command Line. For instance, if you have a Command Line that looks like below, then click on the button Run, and then press Enter to run the script.

Once the script is finished, press any key and press Enter to close the console.

Possible Issues:
If you are facing issues regarding the execution of the script, check the following common errors.

If there are no files or folders in the specified path, the batch file will not be executed.
The user might have disabled the autorun of the Command Line.
If the folder or file that the command runs is not available, it may take some time to be loaded.

Other Resources:
If you find this script useful, you can share it with others through the following instructions.
1. Right-click on the shortcut, and then select Pin to Start.
2. Right-click on the shortcut again, and then select Unpin from Start Menu.
3. Save the shortcut to your desktop.
4. Copy the location and paste it on


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