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This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to review and submit icons to the Icon Etc crowd. I have found their icons to be very high quality, clean and to be well categorized. I do find the arrangements of their icons to be a bit confusing, though. If someone could clear up the category confusion for me I would appreciate it.
Date-Time is a small, easy to use application designed to display the date and time in a nice window that sit quietlly on your desktop.
You can use this tool to make screenshots of remote computers.
■ You must have administrative permissions on the target computer
■ Someone must be logged on to the target computer
JPGoptim was created to help you save space on your hard disk and to transfer your images to a hard drive that can handle larger files efficiently.
There are two main groups of users of JPGoptim. The first group is made of people who just want to optimize their images to go online and upload them to a web hosting plan. The second group of people is made of those who use the software to save their images offline.
This software comes with various functionalities. 
i) A fast compression algorithm that saves your files in approximately 85% of their size.
ii) A normal compression algorithm that saves your files in approximately 90% of their size.
iii) A simple file resizer that lets you increase and decrease the number of pictures stored in a single folder.
iv) A file converter that lets you create a new file or rename a damaged one.
v) A file renamer that allows you to set the file name of any image that’s already saved in a folder.
vi) An image scanner that lets you easily scan, export and import various image formats.
vii) An image cutter that lets you convert a graphic object into a circle, rectangle or polygon.
viii) A screen recorder that allows you to capture the whole screen on a single file.
JPGoptim is a very stable and reliable piece of software that really extends your options when it comes to your images.
Using the app, you can quickly and easily compress your digital pictures, files and even your videos. 
It’s a free program that can help you save your computer space and optimize your files’ quality.
Date-Time is a small, easy to use application designed to display the date and time in a nice window that sit quietlly on your desktop.

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People who have been struggling with their hard drives, trying to find an effective way to make their storage more secure, are now happy to know that they have the solution in the form of DiskCryptor.
What is DiskCryptor?
In a nutshell, it is an application which allows you to encrypt and decrypt any file or folder in your computer, as well as your entire hard drive. DiskCryptor uses Windows built-in security utilities, making it much more secure than other encryption/decryption utilities.
DiskCryptor includes the following features.
– Store and manage up to 100 different encrypted drives and folders
– Maintain, view and export detailed statistics about all your encrypted drives and folders
– Easy-to-use interface
– Built-in support for FAT and NTFS volumes
– Built-in encryption engine for your data
– Encrypt and decrypt files and folders both on your computer and online
– One-button operation
– Portable and automatic activation
– Includes a built-in tool for USB drives
The creator of DiskCryptor, WinTor Software, offers an easy-to-use app that can be launched from the Explorer menu. This means that you can quickly encrypt or decrypt any desired files and folders, without having to install any additional software.
Installing DiskCryptor is very easy. Just simply install the app and add all the different encrypted drives and folders in the proper sections, automatically including any USB flash drives you have, or click on any to have the app add the drive for you, too.
After you finish with the necessary settings, you can launch the program as usual. The same goes for your USB flash drives.
DiskCryptor is not just a tool for safely protecting your files and folders, though. It is also very useful when you are going online. This means that you can effortlessly access your computer’s encrypted drives and folders when you are at your computer and when you are at a public computer in any Internet café.
In this sense, it is not only more secure, but also significantly faster than a public WiFi network, as you won’t have to transfer your files to the local computer, and simply access the files from the public computer.
DiskCryptor is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and the Windows Server 2016.
By default, all the disks and folders in your computer will

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The free Audio Recorder software is designed for capturing the sounds from any audio source on your computer. It is an efficient tool that can easily record all kinds of sounds from analog sources, such as digital audio players and webcams, to more complex digital sources, such as DVD players, PnP audio devices, microphones, and digital discs, as well as music CDs, etc. The inbuilt recorder can manage any player, even ones that require installation.
Audio Recorder comes with a simple interface and is equipped with some powerful advanced features as well. You can record up to 5 tracks simultaneously, and you also have the possibility to select the recording format of your choice. Audio Recorder supports WAV, WMA and MP3 files, and also lets you export records to these formats.
Seeking help in case of problems
A feature offered by Audio Recorder is that it has a Troubleshooter option that not only brings up a help window but also helps you find a solution to your problems by directly providing you with relevant links.
The convenient Plug in Stand is a clever utility that does away with the hassle of finding the right angle for a particular length of power cord while you are plugging it in.
Designed to adapt to practically any laptop available on the market, the Plug in Stand lets you secure the power cord on your laptop to a monitor, chair, couch, bed or anywhere.
With the Plug in Stand, you no longer need to worry about having the proper angle for the power cord, and you also don’t need to use the effort that comes along with trial and error. The product weighs around 10 to 15 pounds, and its dimensions are 14.5 x 8.5 x 2 inches.
Adopting the same basic idea, Plug in Monitor is an analogous product that also let you adapt the power cord to a portable computer so that you can use it with an LCD or VGA monitor of any size as well. The equation is pretty much the same, since Plug in Monitor does away with the bother of having the proper angle for the power cord.
Bring the issue to a close
Plug in Stand and Plug in Monitor feature an elegant design as well as practical, easy-to-use functions. Each of them is available for both PCs and Macs.
3D Model Studio is a handy tool designed exclusively to let you create 3D models as well as apply animation to them in order to create cool animations.
You can use the app to

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KbMonkey is a freeware Widget for Kbmon (also known as « KBoard »). It creates a new header called « Kboard » in the taskbar. In combination with « Kboardmon » you can be alerted about keyboard actions. With the add-on « Kboardmon » you can listen to all non-USB keyboard events.
Online Ranking data for all domain
JobsBoard is a simple single page webapp that allows you to get a ranking for all domains, of all jobs and pageviews at one page.
Profanity filter tools
Moderate the level of swearing that a child can hear
KbMonkey is a freeware Widget for Kbmon (also known as « KBoard »). It creates a new header called « Kboard » in the taskbar. In combination with « Kboardmon » you can be alerted about keyboard actions. With the add-on « Kboardmon » you can listen to all non-USB keyboard events.
Cyberportal allows you to use your computer while you do your job via a Web browser. You can browse the web, search the Web for information or even use the built-in FTP server for backups. Use it in combination with Backup to Ftp Server as it will allow you to automatically backup all data your browsers access to a secure FTP server.
Email actions email aliases Spam filter Anti Virus Start-up/ shutdown sound(optional)
Simple and intuitive. Various options, easy to use.
All-in-one tool for multiple scenarios
Maintains a great balance between functionality and usability.
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Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a license that allows the original copyright owner to distribute the work to the public under the following conditions. Creative Commons uses a 3-clause system, meaning that you are free to use the license as you like, with the only requirement being that you release your work under a similar license if you sell it commercially. The most popular Creative Commons license is the GPL, which requires that you distribute the software, libraries, and documentation under the same license. There are currently several different Creative Commons licenses, such as the Attribution license and the Share-Alike license. The full text of all Creative Commons licenses is available online.


All audio files posted on The Droid Blog are only for preview purposes, and we encourage the artists who supply the material to hold the copyright. If you’d like to use any of these


System Requirements For Porter:

Windows 7/8 (64-bit)
1GHz Processor or faster
1 GB RAM (recommended)
10 GB Hard Drive Space (recommended)
DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
Internet connection
Supported video cards:
AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series or Nvidia GeForce 8xxx Series
Preference for Nvidia is preferable, as the Nvidia cards tend to handle the game much better (and are cheaper).
1. Right-click on


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