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This macro generates 32-bit key for use in Oracle encryption. It can be used to create crypt keys for SYSDBA, SYSOPER, or SYSASM.
When using this macro, all of the following conditions must be true:
The « TRUSTED » keyword must be specified.
If you are creating a crypt key for SYSOPER, then the « ORACLE » keyword must be specified.
If you are creating a crypt key for SYSDBA, then the « ORACLE_SYS » keyword must be specified.
If you are creating a crypt key for SYSASM, then the « ORACLE_SYSASM » keyword must be specified.
The default macro options are:
TRUSTED — specify this keyword when you create a crypt key for SYSDBA
ORACLE — specify this keyword when you create a crypt key for SYSOPER
ORACLE_SYS — specify this keyword when you create a crypt key for SYSASM
ORACLE_SYSASM — specify this keyword when you create a crypt key for SYSASM

When used in conjunction with Oracle ASM, the LOAD_ASM_FILE command will load the binary data stored in the specified input file into the ASM (advanced storage manager) cache. This command can be used to assist in the configuration of the ASM cache.

A table of all the arguments supported by LOAD_ASM_FILE.

In the following example, the ASM_FILE_NAME argument can be specified as either an absolute path or a relative path. If the input file is not a valid ASM file, then the LOAD_ASM_FILE command will fail.


Example 1-3

Example 1-3 LOAD_ASM_FILE





Example 1-4

Example 1-4 LOAD_ASM_FILE with ROWS

Example 1-5

Example 1-5 LOAD_ASM_FILE with ROWS





AS 4f8c9c8613

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Install and use this software to analyze your network cards and monitor router usage. It will provide you with detailed information on how your router is being used.
2. NewBorg Device Information & System Info:
This is a handy application that can help you analyze the performance of your computer, network, and hardware in general.
3. SMB Netd:
This is a powerful SMB Netd Server.
4. IPMI:
This is a tool to help system administrators to monitor, diagnose and resolve problems with IP-based networks.
5. Tivo IMDBG:
This application is designed to provide a troubleshooting guide for your network. It monitors your network performance by sending pings and will display alerts when your network is not functioning properly.
6. CellQ:
CellQ is a program that reads the phonebook and sends calls to a selected number.
7. WatchDirectory:
WatchDirectory is a tool for web directory listings.
8. Mobile Operator:
This software is to manage your mobile phone card.
9. Home Edition:
If you are looking for a Linux management tool that allows you to control and monitor all aspects of your home network and home computer devices, then the Home Edition is what you need.
10. Routers:
The Routers software allows you to quickly and easily configure your home router with ease.
11. Free and Clear:
This program has been designed to help you easily find out information about your computer, such as installed programs, hardware or file structures.
12. Gopher/World Wide Web:
This application will let you set your browser’s menu as you wish and make it easy to use.
13. Mozi OS:
Mozi OS is a platform built for office and home use.
14. Xtrasoft PBX:
This is a graphical PBX software designed to help you maintain your telephone system efficiently.
15. CyberVIP:
CyberVIP is a small server which enables you to view the running status of your network devices in real time via your web browser.
16. NetTV:
NetTV is a system for your TV which allows you to view the same programs you are watching on your PC.
17. VirusTotal:
This tool is designed to help you quickly check your computer for malware.
18. VMSite:
VMSite is a tool designed to manage your VMSite accounts and get information about


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