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What is Photoshop?

Photoshop is a graphic editing software that allows designers to simulate many types of visual media like paintings, 3D modeling, video, and photographs, and combine them as one.

The « P » stands for ‘Photo’ in the name of this program as it is the oldest and most well-known version of Photoshop. Adobe uses the « P » to remind users how it started.

The software supports many types of digital media including raster-based media (such as images), vector-based media (such as digital type), and animation (used for creating video and motion graphics). This means that a single image file could contain one or all of these different types of media.

Adobe Photoshop’s functions are remarkably complex, and can be used for much more than that, but for this article we will focus on the image manipulation features that all Photoshop users are most likely to want to use.

If you just want to enhance an image’s colors or remove a blemish, you can use Photoshop’s basic adjustment tools.

If you want to produce something more artistic or unique, you can add special effects, shapes, and type styles.

There are also features that will create an assortment of possible options. For example, you can use the Magic Wand tool and select one edge or area of an image. This will create « smart » options like « select everything above that line. » Or, if you click inside an image using the Magic Wand, the selection will always be a bit wider than the original shape. You can then use other tools to adjust the layer, or remove it altogether. The new layer is adjusted to be as close as possible to the original edge.

Don’t worry if you have no idea what any of this means — just keep reading and you’ll see it will be quite useful.

Exporting images to video is very easy with Photoshop’s features.

Adobe Photoshop’s Interface

With all of these functions, you will need to learn how to use Photoshop. Every version of the program has its own user interface, which is different.

The PSD files used in Photoshop are text-based files. So, it’s important to understand how they work, and how to manipulate them.

The Default Interface

The Photoshop program will be set up in a default « Photoshop Interface. » Here are a few of the things that this interface has:

You can view, edit,

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Photoshop Elements is very easy to use and only requires you to be able to read the instructions. The interface is user-friendly and straightforward. You can create, edit and save almost any type of file.

Here’s our guide to Adobe Photoshop Elements. It will teach you everything you need to know in terms of creating, editing and manipulating images. We also have a useful guide to Photoshop icons.

Create a new image from scratch

In order to create a new image, you need to first create a new blank image. You do this by going to File > New and then selecting either the « Photoshop or Camera RAW » or « Create new image ».

When creating a new image, you have to decide what kind of file you want to create. For example, you can create:

• a new document

• a new image, preserving the current image dimensions

• a new image, preserving the existing image dimensions

• a new image, resizing the existing image to new dimensions

• a new image, resizing the existing image and then rotating it 90 or 270 degrees

• a new image, resizing the existing image and then flipping it horizontally or vertically.

« Creating a new document is a quick way of creating a new file in the exact same way as Photoshop or Elements, » says Jeremy Kay, product manager at Adobe. « The advantage of this is that you can save this new image in a different file format, such as PDF or HTML. This is useful if you want to use the image elsewhere on your computer, such as in a presentation or web page. In the same way, you can also use this method to create a file from which you can create extra high-quality or distortion-free copies. »

Lighten and darken

Adobe Photoshop Elements supports two image editing functions: lightening and darkening.

Lightening and darkening are easy to use. Simply select a portion of the image you wish to lighten or darken. By clicking and dragging in the box or marquee, you can select an area. The area you lighten or darken will expand automatically when you press and hold the left mouse button. You can then drag to resize the area.

If you select an area that’s already lightened or darkened, Photoshop Elements will shrink it to the new size. You can check the darkening effect by selecting the Image > Adjustments > Lighten or Darken.

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Is it possible to use nestjs to collect result of async tasks?

I’m writing tests using nestjs,
I have an action which returns a Type A result. This action needs to do some business logic, and the result should be a type B.
How would I collect the result of the action into a list of type A, for Type A tests?
Is there any way to achieve it?


There are 2 possible ways to do this.
Using Async/Await pattern
In this pattern, your controller will wait for the action to return, and it will return a Promise, which you can await in your test.
export class UserController implements AuthenticatedRequest {
async addUser(@Body() userInfo:UserInfo): Promise {
const newUser = await this.asyncService.createUser(userInfo);
return newUser;

describe(‘TestUserController’, async () => {
let controller:UserController = null;

beforeEach(async () => {
await Test.createUser(UserInfo);

it(‘should fetch new user’, async () => {
controller = await TestController.createController();
const user = await controller.addUser({ nickname:’micky’ });

Using the Nest call-pattern
This pattern involves nesting controllers, so it’s a bit more verbose and does not really fit NestJs framework style.
Let’s assume that you have a service called AuthService:
export class AuthService {

constructor(private http: HttpClient) { }

async userLogin(@Body() loginDetails): Promise

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Restore empty groupbox from database

I have groupbox on form, in form i have function to insert in database some values.
When i open form and click on button function insert in database, those values are already in database.
When i open form for example second time and click on button to create another groupbox and insert in database, function doesn’t insert second values, and created groupbox is empty.
I want function to insert all empty groupboxes which aren’t already in database.
I tryed to test function for created groupbox – for empty ones function done something, but for already existing in database groupbox doing nothing.
I tryed to restore groupboxes from database using following code:
private void Form1_Resize(object sender, EventArgs e)
foreach (GroupBox grp in gbScoring.Controls.OfType())
if (grp.Name!= « groupbox1 »)
if (grp.Name.ToLower() == « groupbox1 »)

Anyone help me, please?


In the example you’ve shown, there is only one named groupbox, so you should be able to add all of them just to a list box – except, you can’t do that in this fashion.
There is nothing to copy over, because you are not using a data bound list box.
A List box is not dynamic – it is read only – you can add items but they will all be there at one time.
You can have a field in the database which indicates whether that item is « in progress » or not, and check that value before loading.
If it is marked « in progress » and you try to add another one that is not, then it will not save the new one.
You can even build an entire table

System Requirements:

What is Spear of Zorro?
We’re already proud of the addition of the spear and the double-strike attack. We’re not done, however, with these two new mechanics. I decided to add an event-like feature to the spear, where the player’s decisions and the actions of the environment will affect what happens next in battle.
Spear of Zorro is a game where the player has limited resources to do battle with the enemy. He’ll be able to perform a range of actions during battle. These range from taking health items

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