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KEYMACRO is an easy-to-use tool for keyboard automation. KEYMACRO gives you all the functions and capabilities of the Mac OS X Keyboard Controller, but it is completely FREE. It can even be used to switch different keyboard layouts and to assign special keys to commands.
What’s new in v2.4.4:
* Minor bug fix release.
* « Hide others » option now appears in Main menu.
* Default skin looks better on some systems.
* The « Enable » checkbox now works.
* Minor bug fixes.
I have been playing with Apple’s KeyMacro for about a year now and have been a very satisfied user. I was quite surprised when I discovered I could port it to Mac OS X 10.6 and I have.
KeyMacro is free, open source software, and it does indeed work on Mac OS X 10.6!
It’s a full featured keyboard automation app that you can run on your Mac, a $10 download from Apple’s Website. I’ve been using it for a while now and I’ve found it to be an incredibly powerful tool for keyboard shortcuts. The interface is intuitive and extremely customizable. It features some of the most useful keyboard command features I’ve seen, including:
* Button remapping
* Automated shortcuts
* Repeatable shortcuts
* Shift-Click or modifier keys
* Keyboard layout switching
* Text replacement
KeyMacro can be used in the Mac OS X Dock, in your window titles and more.
KeyMacro also includes an extensive set of keyboard shortcuts. It has customizable shortcuts for windows, full screen apps, system apps, and your own menus. You can create your own keyboard shortcuts and assign them to any command you wish.
KeyMacro supports both the Mac OS X and Windows keyboards. It can be used with any application that supports shortcuts, and it works in other OSes as well, including Linux and Microsoft Windows.
It’s a very unique product and I think you’ll find it to be a useful tool for keyboard automation.
KeyMacro is FREE for any use and distribution. It’s a very powerful tool for Mac OS X users.
Version 2.4.4 of the application has been released today.
This is a bug fix release, and no new features have been added.
Here is what has been fixed:
* A crash that would occur if a block of text was deleted d82f892c90

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This utility is programmed using the Keymacro script language developed by the Apple Delegate for AppleScript.
AppleScript used by this utility:
-To retrieve the title of the video stream currently being processed: (In this case the title is Untitled)
tell application « HDTV2DVD »
set title_cpy to do shell script « echo  » & (first component of (get title of current video)) &  » > /tmp/title.txt »
end tell
The script command line used to convert the video:
-To create a new video from the current video.
The & (first component of (get title of current video)) is placed between the two script commands as this will cause the script to look at the variable « title_cpy » for the title of the current video rather than trying to find the title in the current video
hdtv2dvd -t -d -o dvd.dvd -T -n -v -s -t (first component of (get title of current video) ) -c -m
The video file specified in the -m argument is the input file.

Due to copyright issues the script only reads one file for input at a time, so if your current directory is not the « working directory » of the script you will have to move to that directory first.
Exported Script Commands:
To assist you in learning and developing your own scripts for future use I have created a XML file named « Keymacro.xml » that contains a list of all exported script commands. The script is automatically named with a number prefixing « A » and « B » corresponding to the script in the Keymacro.xml file.
Select Script Commands:
To use a script command enter the script prefix, followed by the number of the command in the « Keymacro.xml » file. To select a command simply start typing.
For example type « d » and all the commands starting with « d » will be listed.
To remove a selected script command enter the prefix again without the script number.
Example: To remove script command « d10 » type « d ».
If your script contains anything other than a number prefix when you enter a command prefix you will be warned that the command can not be found.
If the « About HDTV2DVD » dialog reports that the software is not currently running then it is the case


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