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Copyright 1998-2015 Ziff Davis, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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of Ziff Davis, LLC. is prohibited.CAMPAIGN 2016: Bernie Sanders is emphasizing’socialism’ in the 2016 presidential campaign

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., listens to a question during a town hall meeting at the Neighborhood Housing Services of America on Aug. 24 in St. Louis. Sanders criticized Hillary Clinton for her ties to Wall Street in a speech on Sept. 5.

ST. LOUIS — As Bernie Sanders continues his populist campaign, some of his supporters say they want to see a candidate who will govern on the “fiscal left” — a term they say means a return to a more moderate and middle-of-the-road position on the issues.

In Sanders’ view, that means more government intervention, better jobs and a wider definition of the working class, a philosophy he’s used to gain his share of support from various groups of working-class Americans.

“There’s a lot to like about (President) Barack Obama,” said Marion B. Jones, 60, a retired nurse from Baltimore, who backs Sanders, adding she’s “highly critical” of President Donald Trump.

The latest Democratic Party debate last night included suggestions by Clinton, the party’s former nominee for president, that Sanders is not “feeling the heat” of the contest.

And on Wednesday, Sanders made his first and only appearance of the week at the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center. His speech — and a related news conference — highlighted the theme of his campaign: income inequality.

Here are five things to know about Sanders:

1. Sanders’s views are firmly rooted in the 1960s

Born into a Jewish family in Brooklyn, Sanders has become an unabashed advocate for a more progressive economic agenda than some of his opponents.

“Today, we have great difficulty getting people to understand the term ‘socialism,’” Sanders said at the 84e02134c1

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KeyMacro is a very simple program to use and easy to learn, but it’s one of the best programs to have if you want to improve your playing.
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KeyMacro has two forms : desktop application for Windows and Mac. Windows version of KeyMacro will be free but Mac version needs a premium version.
You can edit your song inside a multi track editor (2, 3 or more tracks).
KeyMacro can also edit automatically your audio and video formats, if you want to copy your song for another format, or if you want to convert a video in the format you want.
KeyMacro is fast and easy to use, you can easily make a song in just a few minutes.
It’s easy to learn, easy to use, but it’s powerful. You can record an audio with many parameters like pitch, treble, bass, volume, filter, echo, autotune and many others and insert the parameters on a line in a 2 or 3 track editor.
Let’s say you want to make a song with the drums sound like a drum kit, so you’ll insert a sample of a drum kit.
Then you want to put a guitar sound on the guitar part of the song, so you’ll insert a guitar sample.
In the same way, for the piano and the bass, you’ll put the sample of the piano and the sample of the bass.
Then you can use many effects, like echo, reverb, delay, equalizer, etc…
You can also make some random effects on the song.
KeyMacro’s multi track editor is powerful. You can create a multi track where you can insert many parameters.
You can insert the audio, or video sample and many parameters, it’s very easy to insert the parameters on a line of a multi track.
You can also save multi tracks and resume the editing where you left it.
With KeyMacro, you don’t need to use a multi track editor or software that costs so much to buy.
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