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Network administrators can take advantage of several command-line tools when they want to inspect traffic or various processes, view the path of data packets and transit delays or obtain information about a website, but these utilities are not particularly intuitive.
NetAudit is a useful application that packs multiple helpful functions into a unified interface, enabling you to ping hosts, launch a traceroute command, analyze running processes and run whois checks.
Lightweight utility that packs several useful tools
NetAudit is very simple to set up, although it should be noted that it requires .NET Framework to be installed on your computer.
Once it is launched, the application monitors overall network usage and displays all the active processes. You can search for specific entries, and double-clicking an item causes the program to displays statistics about the selected process.
You can also provide any IP address and ping the host, analyze the route of data packets and view information about domains, as well as inspect all active connections.
Easy-to-use program that can log all gathered data
NetAudit features a minimalistic interface and is not only aimed at experienced users. While network administrators may certainly find it to be handy, the program is especially useful for novices who are not familiar with these tools.
Whenever you launch a command in NetAudit, you have the option of saving the output to a TXT file for later analysis. The documents are stored in the program’s folder, and a handy shortcut to this location is placed on your desktop during installation.
However, it is not possible to copy this information from the main window directly, as you have to extract it from the last log file to be created.
Straightforward application that integrates several useful network tools
All in all, NetAudit is a relatively simple program that can be used by experts and novices alike. It is easy to use and provides you with a number of helpful network-related tools, all packed into an intuitive interface.


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NetAudit Crack + Download For Windows

NetAudit Full Crack is a lightweight and easy-to-use application that provides multiple tools for monitoring network usage. It can be used to ping remote hosts, analyze a route, determine a domain owner and many more.

To begin, NetAudit includes a tray icon that can be pinned to your taskbar or window, allowing you to launch the application with a simple double-click. This tray icon acts as a shortcut to the application’s main window, where you can choose which options you want to display and set the options for analyzing processes and executing network commands.
NetAudit Features:
✓ Free & Lite version: Both Lite and Full versions of NetAudit are free. The Lite version does not include the process inspection functions.
✓ Single, dual or multi-monitor: A multi-monitor version of NetAudit can be used for getting a quick look at different parts of your computer.
✓ Power and CPU usage: NetAudit displays a graph showing all active processes and the power and CPU usage of each.
✓ Process inspection: By clicking on the icons, you can inspect processes.
✓ Startup monitoring: By clicking on the icons, you can view the processes that started up on your computer.
✓ Monitoring of websites: NetAudit can check all IP addresses on the Internet, and display detailed information about the corresponding domains.
✓ Ping: NetAudit can perform a basic ping test against any IP address.
✓ Active connections: NetAudit can check for active Internet connections, and display the details of each.
✓ Whois lookup: NetAudit can check the owner of any IP address on the Internet, and display the corresponding information.
✓ Traceroute: NetAudit can view the route taken by data packets, and display statistics about each router.
✓ Process log: NetAudit can save all network commands performed through the process log.

NetAudit Portable Version:
When NetAudit is run as a portable application, it can be run from any folder you specify. You can also pin the tray icon to your taskbar or Windows task switcher to get quick access to the application.

You can also select the paths to the temporary folder where NetAudit will save logs, traceroute results, and other data.
For this reason, NetAudit is extremely versatile and can be used to achieve several purposes.

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What’s New In?

NetAudit is a useful application that packs several useful functions into a unified interface, enabling you to ping hosts, launch a traceroute command, analyze running processes and run whois checks.


* Network Traffic Monitor & Process Monitor: Monitor network traffic, such as ICMP, TCP, UDP and HTTP.

* Active Process: Display all active processes, such as Explorer.exe, notepad.exe, taskmgr.exe, Chrome.exe, etc.

* Domain Information: View information such as domain, top level domain (TLD), country code, etc.

* Active Internet Connection: View the route of data packets in real time.

* Active DNS Connection: View the route of DNS traffic in real time.

* Network Ping: Ping IP address or domain name.

* Trace Route: View the route of data packets in real time.

* Whois: Search domain or IP address.

* Active Network Connections: View all active connections (in real time).

* URL Information: View the path of data packets in real time.

* Auto Shutdown: Can be configured to automatically shutdown after a period of time.

* Auto Reboot: Can be configured to automatically reboot after a period of time.

* Auto Log: Can be configured to automatically save all logs to a TXT file.

* Bandwidth History: Shows the history of network bandwidth consumption.

* Event Log: Shows events that have happened during the program’s lifetime.

* TCP/UDP History: Shows the history of network traffic between hosts (TCP/UDP).

* Ipv4/Ipv6 History: Shows the history of network traffic between hosts (IPv4/IPv6).

* IPv6 Monitoring: Shows the route of data packets in real time.

* Website Information: View path of HTTP data packets.

* ICMP History: Shows the history of network traffic between hosts (ICMP).

* DNS History: Shows the route of DNS traffic in real time.

* TCP History: Shows the route of data packets in real time.

* UDP History: Shows the route of data packets in real time.

* Active File/Image/Url/FTP: Shows all active files/images/urls/ftp.

* Get Live IP: Displays the live IP address of a host.

* DNS Lookup: Search domains or IP addresses.

* Get Random IP: Displays a random IP address of a host.

* Web History: View the path of data packets from a website.

* Netstat: Shows information about the network state.

* Process Check: Display the list of all running processes on the system.

System Requirements For NetAudit:

OS: Windows 7/8 (64bit)
CPU: 2.0 GHz
DirectX: Version 9.0c
DirectX 11 compatible video card: 256MB or more
DirectX 11 compatible sound card: 192MB or more
Additional Notes:
The PC version of the game is also supported on the following Intel-based computers with Windows 7/8 (64bit):
Intel® Core™ i5 Processor 2400 or faster

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