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Mosaic Voices (KONTAKT)


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Mosaic Voices x Lesley Lewis – REBEL OF THE YEAR [Free download]

Mosaic Voices is a versatile choir virtual instrument designed to blend together with other instruments to create a wide range of musical sounds and textures.
Mosaic Voices is the perfect choice for film scoring and commercial music production. It is a modern, intuitive and completely flexible VST, Kontakt and AU instrument that allows you to rapidly create incredibly diverse soundscapes.
Mosaic Voices comes with a huge variety of vocal and instrumental sounds, such as pads, vox, layers, chord, drones and much more. It features a powerful feature set, which allows you to customize your instrument to create your unique sound.

Mosaic Voices Features :

Dynamic equalizer with phase shifter

Percussive and analogue effects

Dual reverb and delay effect with overdrive

Dual phase distortion

Amplitude Envelope





Chord and Ornamentation










Long Reverb





Cue File Included

Multiple Bass Types

Multiple Articulations

Multiple Audio Styles


Oscillator Shape

Oscillator Pitch

Oscillator Volume

LFO Speed

Multiple Volumes

Multiple Panning

Multiple Portamento

Multiple Timbres

Multiple Voices

Multi-keyboard or All-keys

Multiple Keyboards

Stereo Phase

Stereo Panning

Real-time Sample Editor


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Mosaic Voices (Kontakt)

The following are details about our instrument samples for Kontakt.

Please note that we provide audio for review purposes only and is not a part of the sample pack. Also, file contains all the metadata that is required to open the.wav files in your DAW.

Kontakt Instrument by Heavyocity


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