Miss Alli Preteen Model

Miss Alli Preteen Model


Miss Alli Preteen Model

All I can say is that I just want to go and have her around for a little while more. This is by far the sweetest she’s been. Tonight she was dropping off a neighbor kid’s little brother who has been sick. She brought him some snack and treats and was just so happy and light in the head. And I know it’s all because she feels that’s what I want. Not that she’s programmed somehow that she should be that way.

Alli babe she is the sweetest thing. My heart melts when she has a moment with this little boy.

Best mom I know and have been blessed to know ALLi the most special and loving little girl in the world…we lost her May 18,2012 :(. I’m so thankful for all the pictures I have of Alli as she was growing up, it helps when I have to start a new life I know I’ll never forget Alli.

This photo was taken around January 2013. The dark pair of glasses are from a fashion accessory boutique here in Las Vegas. The beautiful dress is from a boutique in Japan that makes children’s clothes.

There was a woman in my Sunday School Class today. She came in with a heavy heart and told the teacher that she would like to know something. She wanted to know how old she was when her grandmother died. So, the teacher told the woman that her grandmother had died almost seven years ago and the woman said, « When I was this age, my grandmother died! »

It made me stop and think. I asked, « How old do you think you were when your grandmother died? » She thought for a while and said, « I don’t know. I can’t remember. » I think it was because she knew that she would not be able to answer the question, because in her heart she did not really want to know.

I have learned a few things about her in the past few years, and one of those things is that she knows her own age. They have given her a few reasons for not knowing it, but she says, « I don’t want to know. »

This is not the first time we have seen this. We have had people come to church and ask their age and they have been very honest about how they do not know. This one woman at church a few weeks ago said that she would like to know what age she was when her father died. She has known


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