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SQL Server Compare is a handy and reliable application designed to compare two SQL Server databases record by record.

The results are delivered in HTML format, with an interactive interface to better visualize the differences. It also generates T-SQL scripts for database synchronization.

Another operation that you can perform with the aid of this tool is to monitor a database for changes.


– The main features of SQL Compare are:
– Record and field comparing
– DML Trigger support
– Compare Script generation
– Freezes database before and after a comparison
– Report generation
– Share comparison results with other people
– The main features of SQL Server Analysis Services tools are:
– Automation of Data Movement with data forwarding
– Compression Support
– Improved analysis capability
– Data Transformation, for ex. change of data type,…
– There is a report engine which allows to generate different reports. For each report, there is a target. The target will store the generated reports. The report engine supports the use of temporary tables and common table expressions.
– There is also a database engine which allows to generate different scripts. For each script, there is a target. The target will store the generated scripts. The database engine supports the use of temporary tables and common table expressions.
– There is also a compare engine which is used to perform a synchronization between two databases. For each record, the comparison engine checks if it is present in one database or in the other one.

How to Use

The core component of the application is the compare engine.

Before you begin, make sure that you have two databases to compare.

1. Connect to a database server to which you can administer.
2. Start SQL Compare.
3. Go to File → Open Project…
4. Select the file that contains the databases you want to compare.
5. On the bottom of the window, click on the database server icon and select the database from which you want to import the source database.
6. Click on the button Compare.

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For licensing information, please visit: [
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