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The application can also be used to convert text documents into PDF or text files.

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100% CLEAN Certification


2. Copy the cracked software from the download folder onto your PC.3. Run the setup file.4. Follow the on-screen instructions.5. Enjoy!


With PDFdu PDF To Image you can convert your PDFs to image files in no time. This program helps you create new files for photos, prints and banners. It’s an all-in-one PDF to image converter which supports the following image types:.jpg,.png,.gif,.bmp,.tif and.tiff. You can set the image quality from 1 to 100 and the size from 1 to 10000. It also enables you to add your own watermark and the hyperlink. The size and colors can be adjusted from 0.1 to 10.BANGKOK — China’s economic slowdown has returned to the headlines after data showing a record trade deficit in November caught a number of headlines, suggesting that international tensions are having an impact on the Chinese economy.

The country’s trade surplus with the rest of the world dropped to $25.4 billion in November from $26.6 billion in October, but the decline was led by a steep 7.3% drop in exports. The trade deficit has climbed to a record high in the past two years, with exports having fallen nearly 12% in October.

Still, China’s trade gap was still far below that of the United States, which posted a $282.9 billion deficit in November.

The negative trade balance suggested that manufacturing continues to wither, but analysts said the weakness is not large enough to trigger a crisis.

There are several possible explanations for the new slowdown in China’s economy. With slowing growth, banks are seeing less demand for loans, and credit growth has slowed to the lowest in more than a year. The People’s Bank of China has also slowed the amount of cash it is pumping into the economy, in an effort to prop up the ailing stock market.

The decline in China’s trade surplus with the rest of the world could 00b4fdf01c

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iMazing HEIC Converter
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Abacre Cloud Hotel Management System

1st Email Address Verifier is an application that is able to verify the validity of email addresses. This tool can help you keep a clean email contact list and avoid the annoying failure messages received each time your server doesn’t recognize an email address as being valid.
It sports a clean interface which offers quick access to all its main functions. It doesn’t take a lot of time to get used to working with this tool, and it can be mastered even by less experienced users. You can import an email list, provided that the file format is plain text. Unfortunately, you cannot drag and drop the files in the main panel, so you are required to use the built-in browse function.
Once you have uploaded the email list, the application automatically displays the emails in the primary window. The generated reports can be exported to plain text, CSV or TSV. You can include in your reports all the addresses listed, or only the valid or invalid addresses.
More experienced users may fiddle with some advanced settings, as they can select the primary and secondary DNS server, thread number, connection timeout, and others.
During our testing we have noticed that the program manages to carry out a task pretty quickly and without errors throughout the process. It also remains light on the system resources.
To sum things up, 1st Email Address Verifier proves to be a handy software solution when it comes to verifying the email addresses from a list. It’s easy to work with and appeals to beginners and experts alike.

Ricobar Software Inc. is a privately held software company based in Canada.
Ricobar is a provider of specialized software and cloud services to the Personal Finance, Health and Credit categories.
Ricobar’s software systems include CreditKarma, a consumer and business credit report assessment and management service, and CreditForward, a pre-approved credit card service that provides individuals with a personal credit card with pre-approved cash back rewards for online purchases from participating partners.


✔ Set an individual or corporate privacy policy from the Preferences section
✔ Complete a series of credit report requests
✔ Open and close credit file requests
✔ Export each credit report as a.csv or.xls file
✔ View the last credit report request and delete it
✔ Send email notifications when a request is opened or closed
✔ Configure the system to auto send your last payment on time
✔ Automatically open your last payment

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