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AL = Action Listener
FL = Flash
W = Wait
ASP = Active Server Pages
VB = Visual Basic
VBC = Visual Basic Class
CC = Components Control
CS = ControlsScript
FLA = Flash Application
FLE = Flash Library
SWF = Flash SWF
ASPX = ASP Extension
NO = Object
CTRL = Control



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Here we will discuss the different components of SharePoint Framework, configuration required and how to use it. SharePoint Framework (SPFX) is the set of extensibility points, NuGet packages and project files that extends SharePoint Framework to include custom JavaScript files, CSS files, image files and HTML files. It enables developers to add, modify and reuse core SharePoint web parts without writing any JavaScript and can be easily integrated with SharePoint.

Here we will discuss how to use the SQL Sever Management Studio to backup and recover SharePoint server.
Backups are critical to the proper operation of the database. They provide a vital, methodical way to protect the data in the database against loss or corruption due to unexpected hardware or software failures, user errors, or other causes. As the number and complexity of database tables increase, backup systems are often used to maintain the integrity and consistency of the database. BACKUPS AND RECOVERY

Using the SharePoint Server object model from C# is a common need in SharePoint development. In this article we will cover the basics of working with SharePoint 2013 objects from C# and demonstrate some useful tasks.
To start with we need a context that will work with the SharePoint server object model.
We will create a SharePointContext object, instantiate an IUserContext and an IRoleAssignment using it and demonstrate how the context can be use…

In this article we will explain the methods that can be used to migrate a SharePoint 2013 farm to SharePoint 2016.
The following are the methods which can be used to migrate a SharePoint 2013 farm to SharePoint 2016.

This article shows how to set the Service Application Managed Metadata Service Connection Server in the On-Premises Farm, how to get the Service Application Managed Metadata Service Connection Server Configuration from the On-Premises Farm.
Here is the scenario:
You have a SharePoint 2013 On- 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO allows you to edit the contents of a Windows shortcut file in a text editor and then re-create the shortcut file without the shortcut


If you are looking for a free Wi-Fi key generator, try WifiManager. This is a popular one available in the Android Market or Google Play.
Also, here’s a super simple tool called Wi-Fi Master.

Wi-Fi Master is a free tool to generate WEP and WPA wireless
keys. You can use it to generate random keys in WEP and WPA. It can
also help you enter Wi-Fi information.


If you are looking for a way to generate a WEP/WEP2 Key without GUI, this tool may suit you:

Easy WEP/WPA Key Generator

It can generate either random or hard-coded WEP/WEP2 Key.
Supports both WEP and WEP2.
The generated key can be easily stored.
Ability to generate strong WEP/WEP2 keys.

It may be a good choice if you need a computer-free, one-key method.

According to the Bible, the first person to whom Jesus granted the power to heal the sick was Peter (John 4:36). Mary Magdalene was the first person to whom Jesus’ body was exposed (Mark 16:1-2).

On the basis of the above, some people have claimed that since Mary was the first person to whom Jesus’ body was exposed, she should have been the first person to whom Jesus’ power was conferred. Thus, there are many Pentecostal and Charismatic groups which are only willing to call Mary Magdalene a « prophetess » rather than a « prophet ». Yet, as is clear from the Bible, Mary was the very first person to whom Jesus’ power was given. As such, she should be considered a true prophet, and not a prophetess.

Mary Magdalene was not the first person to whom Jesus’ power was given.


Update: Mary Magdalene was the first person to whom Jesus’ body was exposed.

This site is maintained by a fan who once believed and now accepts the possibility of the paranormal. As such, it has no affiliation with the MythBusters. As such, this site contains a variety of information. If you visit


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