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This macro enables you to insert a new slide into a PowerPoint presentation. You may insert a new slide from a range of slide files or even choose one of the slides offered by the add-in. This way, you can create an interactive slide with quizzes, games or puzzles.
On the command ribbon, select New Slide.
Accept the default selection.
Add more slides by pressing the button OK.
More features
The add-in offers a range of other options, such as introducing a slide of your choice into your presentation, adding a slide with a background image, inserting a slide into the slide collection. The add-in offers the option to embed content from web pages, and the menu contains the option to change the font, size and format of the imported slide. The application will allow you to insert a hyperlink from your PowerPoint presentation into the slide. You may also ask the add-in to insert a picture from the slide collection or from a picture library.
Try it free for 30 days
Make sure you give Training Games Presentation Companion a try by selecting the free version from the download section, or from the trial tab on the Training Games Presentation Companion website. After the trial period expires, the program will ask you to purchase a license. You may therefore try the program for free for 30 days and decide if it is worth investing in.The hydrolysis of inositol phosphates, such as inositol 1,4-bisphosphate, in the presence of soluble P2C, such as phospholipase C, results in the production of second messengers involved in the regulation of calcium metabolism. In the course of defining the mechanisms of these reactions, attention will be focused on the nature of the enzyme that hydrolyzes inositol phosphates. P2C-induced hydrolysis of a number of inositol phosphates (InP,3) has been detected in guinea pig liver plasma membranes; conditions are being defined that permit the isolation of the hydrolytic enzyme (phospholipase C) from these membranes. Attempts will be made to identify the type of phospholipid or inositol phosphate substrate which is hydrolyzed by the purified enzyme. The proposed experiments also include a search for the nature of the specific interactions between the enzyme and various physiological substrates.Q:

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This modifer allows you to enter the first few keystrokes of a macro. While macros can be used from the keyboard, they are also available through the menu.
Macro parameters:
– Command: Entered before the macro is activated.
– Action: What the macro does.
– Sequential: Sequential pressing of keys will not activate the macro. It’s only triggered if the Enter button is pressed after a key has been pressed.
– Size: The amount of keys can be entered (1 to 8 keys).
– Priority: Controls the order in which the macros execute. The higher the number, the lower the priority.
– Size: 8
– Sequential: No
– Priority: 10
– Command: « set ini rendermode=basic; set ini viewport=0 0 0 7.9; set renderbackground=none;
set viewport 0 0 0 7.9; »
KeyMacro Canvas Commands
– Alt-Click (it’s a double click): Draws a small rectangle that has a command button at the bottom left corner of the area that was clicked
– Canvas: All commands are shown here
– Command: The command that was pressed
– KeyCode: The key that was pressed
– Modifier: The modifier that was pressed
– Shift-Key: This changes the type of command from a normal command to a canvas command.
– Screen: Shows the commands in the context of the entire screen. Commands can be placed in the screen, in the viewport, or in the canvas.
Macro can be moved to and from the screen, viewport, or canvas.
KEYMACRO Canvas Commands
– xmove:
– xmove the current command to the viewport
– xmove canvas command
– xmove viewport command
– ymove:
– ymove the current command to the viewport
– ymove canvas command
– ymove viewport command
– zmove:
– zmove the current command to the viewport
– zmove canvas command
– zmove viewport command
KEYMACRO Canvas Commands
– xrotate:
– xrotate the current command to the viewport
– xrotate canvas command
– xrotate viewport command
– yrotate:
– yrotate the current command to the viewport

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