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Kindle Optimizer is designed for Chrome users who want to translate text from their e-books, initiate Google searches and even copy text or images. It integrates well with the Kindle Cloud Reader interface and is very intuitive.
The new functions are easily accessible
When using Kindle Cloud Reader, you can click on a word to view its definition, as well as highlight content or add notes. The features offered by this extension are integrated into the same menu, and they don’t look out of place.
While the extension’s icon is also displayed in the Chrome toolbar, you should probably just hide it in the menu, as it serves no purpose aside from letting you know that the extension is active.
Copy content, translate text and launch searches
Once you have selected a word or phrase, you can send it to Google Translate. The service will be accessed via a new tab, and from then on, the process is self-explanatory.
Alternatively, you can launch a Google search using the selected text. It will be opened in a new tab, and it can be very helpful if you can’t find a word’s definition.
Lastly, the extension allows you to copy text or images, which is something Kindle Cloud Reader normally prohibits. The extracted content will be opened in a new window, and you can then save it or copy it to the clipboard.
Great Chrome extension for Kindle Cloud Reader users
To put it simply, if you ever find yourself wishing you could copy or translate content from your e-books, this extension is a must-have. The search feature can also prove very helpful, and all functions are integrated seamlessly. and under the roof, making for a cozy and serene little galley kitchen. The mix of cottage and contemporary styling makes the room feel a little bohemian.

The room is tucked away, but feels open and has a generous feel to it. I love the warm, serene, rustic feel that is provided by the dark wood cabinetry and the textured brick walls. I can envision this space as a wonderful guest room or a cozy little study for the writer in the family.

You can see how the table is perfect for a morning tea or a family breakfast, with seating for four or more. All in all, it is a charming space, and the touches of watercolor and fabrics bring the room to life.

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MFX SustainFix plugin was developed to solve many, many annoying problems while using sustain pedal.
1. Smooth sustain pedal value thinning.
2. Less notes drop-out when you lift your hands off the keyboard.
3. All notes off message not sent when you lift your hands off the keyboard.
4. ‘Hold pedal’ values 0 or 127 are correctly applied.
5. MIDI configuration not required (Sustain pedal range will be treated as 0 – 127 as long as you have ‘Hold pedal’ CC set to 127).
6. SustainHold option is set to true by default, but you can easily change this setting to false if you wish to.
7. In case of ‘all notes off’ problem, you can easily set it to false if you wish to.
1. SONAR compatible host.
2. MIDI File(s) must be saved as PCM or MP3, and of the same bitrate as WAV files.
3. You should save MIDI file(s) as.MID and.XM files.
4. MIDI file(s) must not contain any sequences with any stop or end.
5. Files must be saved in one single.MID or.XM file.
6. The MIDI data should be aligned by timing (most preferrable) rather than key, so that the plugin will work.
7. Files must be saved in one single directory.
8. For maximum performance, you should have this plugin (and SONAR) installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony\SONAR Studio\Plugins\FX.
9. The plugin should be started before you load SONAR.
10. You should always have SONAR and this plugin running.

MFX SustainFix is freeware, shareware, and software under the GPL.

MFX SustainFix is also available at:

In case you want to download MFX SustainFix, you can select it from the following button below:

PS: For those who are interested, this plugin was also packaged with SONAR and installed in SONAR Studio:\Plugins\FX.

NOTE: If you download MFX SustainFix, you will be entitled to full support at no charge.



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