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CamVerce is a compact software application whose purpose is to help you create video presentations using a powerful suite of tools, namely a screen recorder, editor, converter, and player.
Although it comes bundled with many dedicated parameters, it sports a clean and straightforward layout. Plus, it offers support for step-by-step assistance for carrying out the recording operations, so even rookies can learn to set up the dedicated parameters with minimum effort.
The program gives you the possibility to record in a full screen mode, select the window frame, or specify a custom size, record the audio streams coming out of your computer, microphone, or a custom device, and add background music by uploading an audio file from the computer (WAV).
What’s more, you can make the utility highlight the cursor, record the video that is currently playing on your computer, take screenshots, record the mouse cursor, as well as reassign the hotkeys for a better control over the recording process.
The audio parameters can be configured in terms of channel, bits, and sampling ratio, while the video ones can be tweaked by specifying the frame rate, key frame interval, and compression level.
CamVerce enables you to edit each image included in the video but you cannot apply editing operations to the video file.
You are allowed to preview each photo and play the video recording file, insert lines, rectangles, ovals, and other geometrical objects, embed text messages and logos, add pictures (e.g. JPG, BMP, EMF, GIF), customize the text in terms of size, color, font, and alignment, as well as cut, copy, paste, extend, or delete frames.
Other notable characteristics worth mentioning are represented by the possibility to play, pause, or stop the video presentation, go to the previous or next frame, switch to a full screen mode, as well as save the video tutorials to EXE, SWF, AVI, ASF, WMV, RM, HTML, PPT, or other file formats.
During our testing we have noticed that CamVerce provides very good video and image quality, carries out a task quickly, and no errors showed up throughout the entire process.
All in all, CamVerce proves to be a reliable application that comprises a decent feature pack for helping you design customized video tutorials.
CamVerce Publisher’s Description:
CamVerce is a versatile screen recorder, editor, converter and player. It enables you eea19f52d2


ellV-Drum will assist you in getting great drum tracks that you can load to other applications.

Review by slmumbr (01/16/2012)

It’s a very good drum editor.

Review by yasser (10/28/2011)

All of my questions have been answered by the author. A helpful guide to begin editing drums.

Review by olivia (03/23/2011)

Thank you for the little tutorial. I just started using this app. How do you save in wav or aif formats??

Review by Mr C (08/09/2010)

U I can make drums at my own speed and do any thing with them?

Review by hipotek (07/08/2010)

thanks for the help man.

Review by osama (07/03/2010)

it can make tracks with a standard drum machine?

Review by Ethan (07/03/2010)

It is a great tool for making professional quality drum tracks.

Review by eva (02/20/2010)

This app is really awesome

Review by Björn (10/26/2009)

very good way to creat drum tracks

Review by DJKW (07/16/2009)

Easy to use

Review by Mike (06/27/2009)

If you are new to the beatmaker and want to record your own drum tracks, this is your app.

Review by Deryck (05/21/2009)

This is a great program for editing drum tracks, but could use a bit more in the way of customization features.

Review by wow (01/24/2009)


Review by mikes (01/15/2009)

Great app for making drum tracks

Review by Stu (01/05/2009)

Works really well for a beginner.

Review by Hans (12/30/2008)

Love this app…

Review by benny (11/19/2008)

this app is great for anyone.

Review by http (10/21/2008)

This is the first time I have tried out a VST drum editor, and so far I like it. I like the ability to have at least one second of the drum track set


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