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Modding the remote control
For those of you who would like to be able to control your PC by using a web browser, and. It has made all the remote controls available directly within the. The new version of the MSI Remote Control allows you to use a web browser to control your PC from your phone or tablet. It can also work with a proxy server.

What is different with the new version?

There are two new elements on your remote control screen that you will have to..

Microsoft Internet Explorer to serve as a client application for the remote control is an active/standalone web browser. When .

How it works
The new version of the MSI Remote Control has very minimal footprint. It is already installed on all computers that have a web browser. The MSI Remote Control also has a proxy server. This proxy server intercepts all requests coming from the web browser and it processes these requests in the web browser’s context. The backend of the MSI Remote Control is an ASP.NET application .

The MSI Remote Control can do so much more that just controlling the browser directly. You can also configure the following tasks :

Show desktop.

In addition to the visible functionalities, the MSI Remote Control is also able to detect events like program execution, mouse clicks, and so on. Once this information is gathered, the MSI Remote Control can then detect what should be done in response to a specific event. It could for instance restart the computer.

Opening the MSI Remote Control
When you open the MSI Remote Control, you will be asked to enter your username and password to connect to remotecontrol. The last thing you will be asked to do is to use the proxy server. It is situated at localhost:9200.

How can you configure the MSI Remote Control?
The MSI Remote Control’s settings are located in /properties.

Opening the remote control
The remote control has a simple interface, and is accessed directly within your web browser. You can for instance type “ directly into your web browser and you will see the remote control window.

To avoid having to browse the internet directly from your phone, you can set up a mobile device as your proxy server. To do this, right click on the proxy server within the MSI Remote Control’s settings and click on the �

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