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While content servers are designed to receive traffic from many countries, unfortunately. there is no distinction between geographic regions and provide everyone the same data. The indirect consequence is that several areas can be exposed to vulnerabilities and security threats.

Geo Router is a lightweight piece of software that can partition the incoming traffic according to the individual needs of the geographic regions and countries.
Quick installation and intuitive interface
The setup is quick, uneventful and does not require any special attention from your part. Upon launch, you come face to face with an appealing interface that displays a comprehensive list of reserved networks as well as geographic regions and countries.
For enhanced convenience, the utility comes with a filter function that enables you to search for a particular country or region. Moreover, you can seamlessly mark and unmark all regions by accessing the dedicated buttons from the toolbar. You should bear in mind that the app solely forwards the traffic from the routing targets assigned.
Simple and straightforward functionality
Functionality-wise, the program is as simple to use as it looks. Therefore, after you select the countries or geographic regions, you are required to enter the IP addresses of the routing target servers. The application allows you to include both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, but you can also leave the field empty if you want to clear the routing.
Depending on the protocol of the incoming network traffic, the tool assigns the IP addresses to your targets automatically. In case you clear or assign targets, then that triggers the automatic apply of the rules to the network driver. To make sure everything works accordingly, you can modify the application of rules delay from the Options window.
A useful app for managing server traffic more efficiently
All in all, Geo Router is designed for network administrators who want to split and merge traffic from different countries better. Not only is your IP address and details hidden, but it can also help strengthen the overall security of content servers.









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Download Geo Router here.


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Geo Router 5.01 Crack+ Free X64

Geo Router is a software that can be used for performing the following functions:
Split traffic by country
Sort traffic by country
Merge traffic by country
Split traffic by region
Sort traffic by region
Merge traffic by region
Geo Router Features:
Split traffic by country
Sort traffic by country
Merge traffic by country
Split traffic by region
Sort traffic by region
Merge traffic by region
See it in action
Why use Geo Router?
Geo Router is designed to work as a proxy for content servers. It can forward requests to different IP addresses, but it can also do the same to split, merge and filter traffic by region.
By itself, it has many features that make it beneficial to your network traffic.
Free version
Try it free, and the rest you will pay later!
There are 3 different license types. In the free version, you can use the application on 2 devices.
If you want to use the application on 3 devices, you can choose the Lite or Pro version.
Easy to use
Geo Router has a simple, easy to use user interface. If you are looking for a user-friendly tool to redirect internet traffic, then this is it. It’s not that complex, and it is suitable for any novice.
How to use Geo Router?
You can install Geo Router by using the link provided in the original package. After downloading, you can import a copy of the key file into the software. Next, you can follow the tutorial provided on the website.
If you have any issues or you want to have support, then you can send an email to the support team.
You should make sure that you give the software at least 2GB of free disk space.
If you want to use Geo Router in your home, you should make sure that you have enough free space on your drive.
The Geo Router review:
Geo Router is a simple, easy to use application. It allows you to split and merge traffic by country.
You can also use the program for filtering traffic by region.
After downloading, you can import the key file from the previous version.
There are 3 license types to choose from. In the free version, you can use the application on 2 devices.
If you want to use the application on 3 devices, you can choose the Lite or Pro version.
Review Duration: 4 days
Video Rating: / 5

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System Requirements For Geo Router:

RAM: 512 MB
Minimum GPU: Nvidia GTX 560 or Radeon HD 6970
OS: Windows 7 or 8
APOLLO 12 V1.1
Download Apollon Project 12 from the official website.
I’ve already uploaded the Apollon Project 12 from the official website.

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