Gallien Krueger Serial Number Dating

Gallien Krueger Serial Number Dating



Gallien Krueger Serial Number Dating

So I have a couple of GK’s I was thinking of selling that weren’t used. I have a ’76 Blackface that belonged to my parents. It has a serial no. of 061145 and says « 80/92 ». I also have a ’82 Aqua Champ that I bought brand new and that’s serial no. is 611016. I do not have the serial numbers on both of them or the names or anything but I know it’s a GK. I also have a serial no. 061271 for a amps that has a blackface. Is that any help?

Oct 28, 2009
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From the first serial number, the serial number can be 9 digits. These serial numbers are from 1984-2000.
The last 2 digits are a date code, with the following dates.
1960s: 3-digit numbers 0001-0900
1970s: 4-digit numbers 1000-9999

The amp you have is from 1984, so it is the first of the 9-digit serial number years.
Based on this graph, you could be anywhere from 2010-2011, but it is likely to be before 2009.

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Gallien Krueger 10-Digit Serial Numbers. *DO NOT* call Ampeg support—do not use the phone—to obtain a serial number.
You can buy a Gallien Krueger 100® today, but the deal of a lifetime is waiting for you. That is, if you own a 100 amp, an active service contract, and are willing to live in a a cave for 1 year and not change anything.
If You Don’t Have a Serial Number, You Might Be Missing Out. Posted on August 8, 2013 by John G. Morris. August 10, 2013
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10 digit serial number for gallien krueger amp. How to search a serial number for an amp.
You don’t need to be an amp geek to find a serial number for an amp. But you’re going to need a good book, a Google search, and a lucky monkey (allegedly).
Here’s how it works. Okay, so you bought that brand new amp for only $5,000. The other day, it breaks down and refuses to pick up a head, so you’re out $5,000, you probably won’t be able to buy a whole new amp for $5,000, so you’re going to have to sell it for less.

gallien krueger serial number dating
gallien krueger serial number dating2a1358a15e. Related links:
May 23, 2012
As explained here:
The numbers you are looking for range from 0-9 after the « 10. » for
0513120. Should you have any further questions, you may contact
C. Gallien, directly.
Verified. The serial number & model number is now on my page. By.. The head

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