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KeyMACRO is a powerful and effective software that enables you to create and send macros. One-time macros or repetitive macros are very simple to create with the program and no programming knowledge is required.
Use KeyMACRO to create macros with a single click of a button
KeyMACRO is a simple software to create and send a macro. For example, you can create macros with a single click of a button. Plus, the software can be launched when an event takes place on your computer. Your macros can perform many different actions such as the following:
Change the system’s clock
Send an email
Open a specific website
Record a sound
Access websites
Change the system’s clock
One-time macros
The simplest macros are created by using one-time variables. The program automatically creates a short script for every action. The syntax is simply a command followed by a space and the data.
Repetitive macros
A macro can be used repeatedly by clicking the Start button on the upper right side of the software. For example, you can write a macro to open Google Chrome every time you launch the program.
Lack of customization options
Although KeyMACRO is a powerful tool to create macros, you can’t really personalize the interface and design your own macros. For example, you can’t change the interface’s background, window’s theme, window size, or add extra elements to your macros.
No security and encryption
The macros created by KeyMACRO can’t be secured using passwords or usernames. You can’t also protect your macros by using a proxy server.
No support for exporting macros
Since KeyMACRO is not a library builder, you can’t share your macros with other people.
Simple and elegant interface
The interface of KeyMACRO is simple and easy to use. It’s not difficult to find the required functions and the interface is also intuitive. The tabs that are available are the following:
Macros can be written by using the program. You just click Start button on the menu and write a simple command. The generated script will then be available in the macro list.
Macros can be exported to TXT, XLS and CSV documents
When you save the macros created, you can export them as TXT, XLS and CSV files. The exported files will be stored in the same folder where the macros were written.
New windows
One-time macros
KeyMACRO creates a one-time macro for every action. You 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO is a live macro recorder for Windows. The program can record mouse, keyboard, or all combinations of the above. By using the program, it’s possible to create many useful macros for Windows. The program supports most popular keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures.
The interface is quite simple, very well organized, and easy to follow. It’s a bit of a basic program but it does a good job of what it does.
There are several options available that may be selected from the right side of the screen. These options include: “User”, “Keyboard”, “Mouse” and “Hotkeys”. The “User” section allows you to choose the input type (keyboard, mouse, or combinations), and the number of inputs that should be recorded. The “Keyboard” area lets you choose which key(s) you want to record and the number of them. The “Mouse” area is where you can record mouse movements.
The “Hotkeys” section lets you choose any existing Windows hotkeys to be recorded. You can change the shortcuts, assign new shortcuts or change the order of shortcuts in the sequence that they are recorded.
Depending on your needs, it may not be necessary to include “Keyboard” and “Mouse” sections. You may have only one input type that you want to use, in which case you only need the “User” and “Hotkeys” sections. You may also be able to do everything you need to do using only the hotkeys.
After choosing all the options you need, it is time to press the “Start Recording” button. Then you can watch the program start to record all the chosen events, pressing the stop button when you are done.
The program saves the recorded events in a.wma file that is easy to load. After that, you can play back what you recorded, watch it in slow motion or edit the events before saving them.
You can also choose to record a single event or a series of them. The length of the recorded series can be between a few seconds and a few days.
The output file can be saved as a wav file,.exe file, or.mp3 file.
The Bottom Line:
KEYMACRO is an easy to use application that is very well organized and lets you record all the most useful mouse and


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