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Show HN: ‘Do Task’ – free app to monitor and track your productivity – m1m1t1

> « Do Task » is a free productivity app that helps you track the tasks you
> started, and don’t finish. It helps you _see_ how you are spending your
> time, _and_, get a better idea of your progress towards a goal. »

I’m guessing that means the word « task » is not only literally « a to-do list »
but also means « possible task to do in the future ».

I’m not trying to be negative, but my thoughts on the ideal productivity app
is far different from the ideas or the needs of a « Do Task » user. There are
certain things that a « Do Task » app can do that are useful for some people
when they are close to, or are at, a major milestone in their life or
project. But I assume any user who experiences their first « Do Task » app
eventual « I need to work, I have to work, I’ll just use this until it no
longer works » moment.

Yes, the idea for Do Task was: « how do I get out of the time trap, and become
productive »… so it can be used for a wide range of tasks.

Thanks for the feedback.

I applaud the effort, and I’m just being critical. Thanks for the answer!

FYI the « android store » link is 404’ing.

Sorry, just updated… thanks.


Can someone explain why we define enumerate as a two-argument function for classes?

There are many overloads of the enumerate function defined in Python. We can define:
def enumerate(iterable, start=0):
« enumerate(container, initializer=None) -> generator of pairs »

But it

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can’t access my c++ code

I’m trying to do a simple c++ code but when I run a simple code with std::cout or std::cin, I get an error message :’File does not exist’
I’m trying to do a simple xor.
using namespace std;

int main() {
int x=5, y=4;
int i;
int val;
for (i=0; i, too, otherwise your program is not able to check the numeric value of your characters (like ‘x’ = 97).
Using i to check if a given character is a character not in the basic alphabet, while not very nice, is ok, provided you use it for every iteration of the loop, for example:
for (i = 65; i

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Appeal from the United States District Court for the Western
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