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Photo Adjustments dialog box

This dialog box (Figure 5-9), when opened, presents a form filled with choices that are specific to the type of adjustment you’re making.

The dialog box (Figure 5-10, right) opens with the tab called Effects selected so that you

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It is possible to get the current version of Photoshop Elements as of August 14, 2017.

As with any piece of software, if it works on one platform or system, you can expect it to work on all other operating systems and on all other systems that run on that operating system. This is true for Photoshop Elements as it is for Photoshop as a whole.

If you want to create and edit images on a Mac, you need to use a Mac. It is not true for Photoshop Elements. You can create and edit images on a Mac and use your Mac to run Photoshop Elements as well.

Download Adobe Photoshop Elements

This guide has been updated May 2020.

How to install Photoshop Elements 2018 on a computer

It’s pretty much just a matter of downloading the program and running it. The first time you run it, you will be prompted to choose an installation directory. The default is C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 14. Once you complete the installation, you can start the program. You should choose Start | Photoshop Elements 2018.

Notice that it is recommended to save a copy of the program. There’s nothing to lose, but it might be a good idea to keep it around. You can download it again and again.

Before you install Photoshop Elements 2018, be sure to remove any previous versions of Photoshop Elements that you have installed.

With a single exception, Photoshop Elements should install without any problem. If for some reason you encounter problems, the following points may help you resolve them:

An unresponsive installation

Photoshop Elements will shut itself down occasionally and display a message that it encountered an error. Most likely, this is because an incompatible plugin is installed and it can’t start. The only thing that can be done at that point is to turn off the computer, unplug it, and restart it. It will then automatically attempt to reinstall itself.

Slow installation

If the installation is slow and appears to stall at a point, then you are probably using an older version of the program. This happens with some older computers and operating systems because the installer checks whether the operating system supports newer versions of the program. If it doesn’t, the installation will fall back to an older version. Your best option is to remove all versions of Photoshop Elements that you have installed, download the installer, and rerun the installation.

Installing Photoshop Elements on a partition

When installing Photoshop Elements on a computer

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