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Heparinized gelatin microspheres (HGMS) have been examined for their potential applications in the control of acute and chronic inflammatory processes. The HGMS are negatively charged and thus selectively uptake exogenous proteins and peptides from surrounding tissues. After injection into the peritoneal cavity, HGMS imbibe protein macromolecules from peritoneal dialysate, and the protein uptake is proportionate to the HGMS dose administered. Also, after intraperitoneal injection, HGMS can be seen moving through the host tissues, draining in to lymph nodes from their sites of initial penetration, apparently as a result of the fibrotic nature of these tissues. Unlike whole heparin, the HGMS do not produce systemic anti-coagulant activity, but do produce a mild anti-tumor effect.At least one person was killed and eight were wounded when a Muslim mob in Ahmedabad torched four churches over two days this month. The violence erupted after a fight over a Muslim woman’s alleged conversion to Christianity. The attacks recalled other deadly mob violence against Christians in India.

Vandals set fire to four churches in the western city in attacks fueled by communal passions.

« A mob attacked the churches chanting ‘Jesus is gone, Jesus is gone’ and other slogans, » said Rev. Mandar Vajda, the vicar of Rama Convent Church, which was attacked Tuesday. « And they said the police wouldn’t do anything. »

Four people were killed in the attacks. When the mob set the church ablaze, they beat and injured two policemen who tried to stop them. The mob set fire to three other churches on Sunday.

« It’s an act of terrorism, » said Vajda. « These churches were meant to unite people, especially the Dalits who are marginalized in the society. Now they are being targeted. »

« They’re trying to erase Christianity, » he added. « I feel attacked. »

The latest round of violence comes after a Muslim girl in the city of Surat was raped. The local police and district administration expelled the Muslim man and his family from the city over the rape and detained him. A local Muslim mob, reportedly under influence of Hindu hardliners, set the


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