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• Command-line utility: auto-detect registry problems on most popular versions of Windows;
• Interactive, fully graphical registry editor with user-friendly interface;
• Recovers registry content, system settings, applications;
• Restores backups from different storage media;
• Processes files from a list of directories and subdirectories.


1. Run « Setup.exe » to install Recovery for Windows registry.
2. Right click on « Recovery for Windows registry » icon to choose an item to analyze.
3. Optionally, click « Restore registry settings » to backup user preferences and restore them later.
4. It is recommended to test the restored settings and if everything is OK, press « Exit » to exit Recovery for Windows registry.
5. If you want to make a backup of restored settings, press « Rescue » button. Then select a storage medium, where you want to save a backup copy. By default, it is stored in a hidden folder called « Recovery for Windows registry ».
6. Run « Setup.exe » again to update Recovery for Windows registry.

If something went wrong or you want to uninstall Recovery for Windows registry, please remove Recovery for Windows registry from your computer by either:
1. Press « Delete » button to delete Recovery for Windows registry from your computer;
2. Press « Exit » button.

1. The following additional software may conflict with Recovery for Windows registry:
– Totem (3rd party);
– Tcl/Tk (3rd party);
– Color Chooser (3rd party);
– Gnuwin32 (3rd party).
2. After you install Recovery for Windows registry, you may see a popup message « File exists » or « File does not exist » when you try to install Recovery for Windows registry. It is normal.
3. In the future, if the « Setup.exe » is not found, use « Recovery for Windows registry – Installation Tool » or click « Open » to find the « Setup.exe ».

How to Repair Damaged Registry?
The main reason that causes registry file to be damaged is improper or incomplete installation or uninstallation of software. When you install new software, all the programs installed before might get damaged. If you are reinstalling an older version of a program eea19f52d2

Sprint-Layout is an application that can help you design and edit your printed circuit board layouts. This tool provides the necessary features for creating single-sided, double-sided, or multilayer PCBs from scratch.
The user interface is clean, and its functions are neatly displayed into the main window. Before starting to draw and add components to your PCBs, you should firstly define the board dimensions by specifying the width and height.
Sprint-Layout provides many useful tools for creating board designs, such as solder pads, SMD pads, tracks, zones, text-labels, and many others. Hotkeys are also available and they can be reassigned.
It features a built-in auto router that can help you route the tracks, and a photo view function for previewing the PCB layout.
The program includes an extensive library with predefined components for SMD layouts. Moreover, you can draw and add your own components to the library. It is possible to drag and drop a component directly to your layout, and to move, rotate, or label it. The rotation can be carried out to any angle.
The automatic ground-plane feature can help you fill the unused areas of your board with copper automatically, while the test function allows you to check all the connected layout-elements.
You may create several boards and get quick access to each of them thanks to its multi-tabbed support. The application is able to automatically generate different footprint elements, provided that you have selected the footprint-type, and configured the parameters for each component.
Sprint-Layout also features a built-in search engine that can help you find the elements on your layout. The search process can be carried out by shape, size, or layers.
It is possible to export the generated board designs to BMP, JPG, GIF, EMF, and it also supports Gerber, Excellon, and HPGL formats.
Overall, Sprint-Layout proves to be a reliable tool for helping you design and edit your printed circuit board layouts.

6.0 Overall




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