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Elden Ring is a strategy RPG that focuses on a story with beautiful graphics and aesthetics, a variety of character designs, and battles that are full of emotion and excitement. Play in the same online world as other players, switch characters at anytime, and enjoy the permadeath feature.

The development team is an experienced and passionate team that has a goal to realize a fantasy action game with a deep story. We want to make an epic action RPG with a classic feel based on nostalgia!

We sincerely hope that you join the revolutionary action adventure world of the Elden Ring.

2020 ▶

■Character Appearances (Attention Please)


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Unique fantasy setting by combining fantasy with 1920’s style lyrics
  • Sprawling open world with over 45 locations and a huge number of dungeons, each with its own appeal
  • More than 50 weapon classes, magic, and equipment to customize your character
  • Love for detail that breathes new life into the game world with imposing events, battles, and seasonal festivals
  • Support for large scale cooperative play where up to five characters can align together in one group
  • Creating your own empire and becoming a solo ‘Lord’ by gathering a team of five members and defeating your enemies
  • Main Features:

    • An original fantasy setting.
      • Fill the Lands Between with thousands of fanciful creatures—new creatures appear each season, and they wear gentle expressions in the autumn and sad ones in the winter.
      • This is an RPG that pays homage to adventure legend, Maurice Leblanc, by bringing open settings and obscure and dangerous storylines to your tabletop.
    • An exciting online and offline multiplayer experience.
      • Cooperative modes, including rules of combat cooperation via chat, and free form four-player online battles.
      • An online event that lets you trade items with other online players.
        • Four connected areas that are fully independent of each other to play in solitude and cooperatively play.
        • Play together with friends using different devices, or play offline with your friends.
    • Support for large scale cooperative play.
      • The main feature of this title is cooperative modes where up to five players can team up in one group.
      • Exploration is supported. In order to discover an event or find a new location, you can freely wander around.
      • A variety of cooperative modes are supported, including rules of combat cooperation via chat, and free form four-player online battles.
      • Explore an enormous world with many possible scenarios.
        • The battle does not end until you have defeated all of your


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          “The fantasy RPG scene is about to change a bit.”

          “Nowadays it seems like JRPGs are on a decline and there aren’t many new strong titles at the moment. Elden Ring Serial Key, however, is a very refreshing action RPG, which I’d say stands out among all the action games that are being released these days.”

          “It’s a really interesting action RPG that is reminiscent of the style of Wargroove, but very different in some aspects”

          Elden Ring Download With Full Crack is a new fantasy action RPG released by Swedish-based indie studio Scandiplicity. The game is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
          Direct Link: Elden Ring
          Facebook Page: @EldenRing
          Twitter: @EldenRing
          Github: EldenRing
          The story takes place in the Lands Between, which is an immense fantasy land in which the gods, creatures, and humans of the previous age have still not passed away and live in harmony. And this land, which existed before the appearance of the Vae, the gods of the world, has been left in a great malaise.
          This world is where a new and very powerful being, the Vae, has appeared. A demonic being with whom not even a god can stand.
          Elden Ring casts its protagonist, a warrior from the Lands Between, into this new world. Once there, he is confronted with the Vae and must realize the truth of the world.
          The Lands Between is a world in which one can freely travel and explore. The game is similar to a JRPG, in which the players will be able to freely explore vast landscapes and dungeons. With thousands of NPCs, you can make various side quests, and not only explore and increase your own personal level, but help others as well.
          Gameplay Flow
          The gameplay of Elden Ring consists of three major parts: exploration, dialog, and battles. Let’s take a look at each of them.
          After completing the pre-game tutorial, the player will be able to freely move around the vast world. You can freely run around the map, and go from an endless open field to endless labyrinthine dungeons. Or, you can equip a vehicle and travel by using a car.
          During the exploration phase, the movement speed of the player character will be increased. You can use this to avoid enemies


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          A new feature that lets you easily connect with other players to find or join a game when you’re away from your home.
          Join a game on a random connection (10 minutes +) if you miss the action, while your session is still ongoing.
          Use powerful weapons and armor to attack enemies and explore the vast world of the Land Beyond. Enjoy a finely tuned sense of action and excitement while taking full advantage of the detailed and three-dimensional map of the Land Between.
          Develop your own character by customizing your appearance in a wide variety of ways, such as tailoring the appearance of your helmet or raising your physical strength. Each aspect of your appearance has its own effects and benefits.
          • SCENARIO
          In the scenario system, you get to enjoy various types of dialogue from all over the world. There are numerous game content featuring different scenarios from the story.
          A simple controller and a free-of-charge game mode. After payment, you can be away from your controller for the duration of your session.
          Play with another player on a single screen using the same controller or use controllers to enjoy a multiplayer game with others.
          You can play the game in an always-on fashion without worrying about your connection, while using only the game window.
          • SYNC MODE: FEATURE
          Before starting a session, invite a partner and play together in a single screen using just one controller. In the SYNC MODE, each player will have their own designated controls.
          Join a travel party of friends or strangers and explore the Lands Between together.
          Director, JIN KIM
          Chief Operating Officer, HANK KIM
          Director, JUNG IN HEE
          Chief Operating Officer, SOON KIM
          Director, SEON JUNG MAN
          Chief Operating Officer, OH YONG KIM
          Director, JOON MYONG HA
          Chief Operating Officer, JUN MA SOO

          Character Designer, HO JIN WANG
          Special Thanks to LYONSHE and LADY(S)
          Special Thanks to


          What’s new:

          Gather your courage and muster your strength as a Tarnished, one that has pledged allegiance to the Elden Ring and departed from your own world to join the Lands Between. A deep mystery awaits you in this grand story, with unparalleled gaming content.

          The game takes place in the Lands Between, a world full of adventure. You will encounter various people and possess supernatural abilities. You can share your adventure with friends by traveling together.

          To get in touch with us, please contact us at 1-415-715-868.

          Stay tuned for further news!

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          # If your game doesn’t start, delete « R.P3 » file and re-


          How To Crack:

        • Directx 9 or higher: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/XP 64-bit
        • Media Creation Tool or CCC: Not Necessary

        After installing I recommend setting up your GPU for Crossfire X and SLI using the video card’s built in tool (if available) and then following the included setup instructions to make sure that it’s running correctly. Once that is completed run the game and play for awhile, letting the game detect and use your video card’s capabilities.

        Important notes:

        • This version of the game only runs on Windows Vista Ultimate. If your system has a version of Windows other than Vista Ultimate, the game will not run correctly.
        • The game requires 64-bit DirectX 9 or higher.
        • The game uses several D3D APIs (Direct3D 9.0c for example), so while it will run on virtually any D3D capable GPU, it may perform suboptimally if your system only uses Direct2D.

        Me –



        System Requirements:

        Windows® XP with Service Pack 3 or later
        Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ 64 processor (2.4GHz) or better
        1GB of RAM (2GB recommended)
        20GB of available hard disk space
        DirectX® 9.0c
        DVD-ROM drive
        Sound Card
        DVD player
        Windows® Vista with Service Pack 1 or later
        Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or AMD Phenom™ X2 processor (2.


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