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Since the release of « Elden Ring: The Eye of the World » in 2011, Jagex has continuously improved the quality and added new features to improve immersion and enhance user experiences. In particular, the « Elden Ring » project has been undergoing several iterations, including « Elden Ring: Awakening » and « Elden Ring: Flames of Eternity. » The final version was launched last September as « Elden Ring: City of Ash. »

The Xbox 360 version of « Elden Ring: City of Ash » was updated this March to be compatible with Xbox One. « Elden Ring: Flames of Eternity » was also planned to be released on Xbox One, but unfortunately we were unable to do so.

« Elden Ring: Flames of Eternity » is the FINAL version of Elden Ring. We’d also like to emphasize that our main focus is on making the final version of Elden Ring on PC even better and more polished.

Thank you for following us and please look forward to a great “Elden Ring” experience.

Elden Ring: City of Ash on PC will be released as a free title update (V1.49.03) on April 29, 2019. The PC version of “Elden Ring: Flames of Eternity” will release as a free title update (V1.49.05) on May 12, 2019. As always, the major and minor updates will include new content and fixes, and we’ll continue adding new features and improvements as our development efforts progress.

What is a Title Update?

A title update (V1.49.03 or V1.49.05) is a title update that changes game data, such as game content, skills, items, achievements, etc. You can see the content of a title update in the title updates section of your account on the web.

What is a Major Update?

A major update (V1.50.00 or V1.50.05) adds new content, features, and improvements to the game.

What is a Minor Update?

A minor update (V1.49.01 or V1.49.02) changes bug fixes, improves game performance, and other small adjustments and fixes.

Some of the features that will be included in the final version of Elden Ring on PC will be included in the updates for City of Ash and


Features Key:

  • Story of the Elden Ring, A Multidimensional Fantasy Drama
    In a cool part of a mythical land known as the Lands Between, an amazing object known as the Elden Ring is being used.
    As the heir of the legacy that is passed down among the rulers of those days, you are a chosen man and chief of the Hall of Elden Lords.
    In the war that will break out at the peak of the Sixteenth Festival, you will have to grab your spear and get into the arena to protect the country.
  • The Gameviewer Allows you to play in Your Create-A-Class
    A feature that allows you to create your own class.
    Your class will be able to access offensive and defensive magic and equipment, as well as special skills.
  • A rich and vast world to discover
    :Open world free game with varied environments and a story of your own characters.
    Create your own personal dungeon!
    :Contain and explore numerous fighting areas, including ubiquitous houses, mines, and castles; and discover hundreds of items of various types.
    The standard mode in which you can go on an adventure!
  • RPG Style action battle system that combines intuitive, realistic battle

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    « The game does have a unique combat system, but it’s quite different from the one that we’re used to in typical RPGs. The real appeal of this game though is the unique sci-fi backstory and alternate universe; it’s not your typical fantasy in any way. »


    « A beautiful game that deserves your time, if you’re looking for a new RPG. »


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    « Elden Ring is an RPG that’s ready to take full advantage of the PS4’s unique features, with a unique combat system, a unique setting, and plenty of other great features. »


    « Elden Ring is a very interesting game, but it is a bit hard to get into. Gameplay is different from other RPGs. Graphics are unique for an RPG with its dark setting and unique storyline. Overall this is a must buy for any RPG fan. »

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    Elden Ring Free X64


    ○ Beautiful World
    A vast world full of excitement.
    ○ Many New Content Items
    A variety of items.
    ○ New Enemies
    Horrible enemies.
    ○ Cast Magic
    Cast magic using the Ring of Power.
    ○ Individual Elements:
    Health, Strength, Magic, Speed, Dexterity, Endurance, Dexterity, Magic, Power, Intelligence, Dexterity, Intelligence, Health, Perception, Endurance, Intelligence, Health, Perception, Magic, Dexterity, Strength, Intelligence, Endurance, Intelligence, Health, Perception, Endurance, Strength
    ○ Dynamic Action System
    Increase various attributes at will while leveling up.
    ○ A Large Number of Item Combinations
    Use items that have effects that combine to the player’s advantage.
    ○ A Complex Map System
    A large number of tiles and monster densities allow players to fully enjoy exploring and also give the impression of scale.
    ○ Four Different Classes
    Up to four players can play together and experience a new adventure.
    ○ The Ring of Power
    Increase a variety of attributes using the Ring of Power.
    ○ Various Node Maps
    Explore the story by connecting to an NPC on the world map.
    ○ Characters You Have Previously Quested With
    Characters that appeared in the last main quest, Tales of Erebor.
    ○ An Epic Drama
    Multilayered stories in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.
    ○ Online Play
    Join the online aspect that enables you to feel the presence of others.
    ○ Play with Friends
    Connect to others and travel together.
    ○ Playable With Up to Four People (Local Multiplayer)
    Local multiplayer via the Internet.
    ○ Playable with Up to Four Players (Online Multiplayer)
    Play as a group in the online aspect.
    ○ STORY
    1. Tales of Erebor
    2. Awakening
    3. The Blue, the White, the Red, the Black
    4. Five Free Elements
    5. Ultimate Adventures
    6. Realm of Elves and Men
    7. All That Remains
    8. Fate of Elves and Men
    9. A Way Forward
    ○ Story Environment Artwork
    It took an incredible amount of time to create the amazing visuals that give depth to the world in which the Tales of Erebor main story takes place.
    ○ Music
    Innovative orchestral compositions that emphasize the feelings of the characters in the


    What’s new:

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