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The Internet is home to nearly everything you need for both entertainment and leisure. What's more, tales, novels or scientific research now reached the level of electronic books and are accessible from a large variety of devices. With the help of applications like eBook Compiler Free anyone can take a shot of gathering several files in order to create an eBook.
Intuitive, step by step creation process
Running the application brings up a rather simplistic, yet intuitive interface, populated with various helpful info fields so you don't get stuck along the way. You are taken through a series of steps which only require you do accomplish small tasks. These are cleverly stored in tabs so you can quickly visit them anytime during the creation process.
As a result, you can opt for a display method that either resembles a web browser or an actual book. Unfortunately, regardless of your efforts and choice, the output is displayed in the same layout, under an EXE file format.
Easy to add files and configure
General info can be included, such as corresponding item number, project title, author, as well as contact details or additional info. Adding content to your project is easily done by selecting a target folder, with the option to also look in sub-folders.
Depending on the public and content, you can also choose to disable several functions like the ability to copy text or print the document. Before triggering the actual build process, a destination folder needs to be specified, as well as a custom name to easily identify the output file.
Good but far from being a pro
Unfortunately, the application stopped receiving updates for some time, and you feel slightly limited when it comes to customization options. The resulting file is plain simple, only navigating back and forth, without even an option to trigger a slideshow.
A few last words
On an ending note, eBook Compiler Free is far from being a professional application of its kind, and even though the feature set is slightly outdated you can still get a decent result. It's easy to use by anyone, with support for a large variety and diversity of file formats so that your book can blend in with any content.







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EBook Compiler Free

Like Windows Media Player? Well, download this program from Twinklsoft and enjoy features found in Windows Media Player while also being able to play from your iPod or iPhone.

eBook Compiler Free supports numerous audio file formats as well as MP3. The features include playlists, random play, search by file name, file name match, time-based folder, album art and music ID tags.

iPod Touch:
Compatible with both 2G and 3G iPod devices as well as the iPhone. The application does not require any connection, yet manages all the audio files along with the iPod user data, and can also support audio files from the iPhone.

Battery Status:
See the charge level of your battery through a small popup window.

Play a variety of files:
The program also supports a large variety of audio files. It is capable of playing MP3s, MP2, and others including WMA and WAV.

Play MP3 files in random or playing order:
An interesting feature of eBook Compiler Free is the ability to choose whether you want your MP3 files to play in random order, or in a certain order.

Music ID:
When opened, the main interface of the program displays the music player ID information. This is displayed in the top left, and clicking on the information displays the artist, song name, album, and more.

Album Art:
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M3U playlist:
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M3U playlist editor:
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Video viewer:
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With the extract function, you can convert files between different formats. For example, you can extract MP3 from an AVI video, and convert WAV to MP3.

EBook Compiler Free Crack Incl Product Key

The portable eBookCompiler Free is a program that creates eBook files from your digital books, in various formats. The eBookCompiler Free is a portable version of the e-book creator and ebook converter.
It can create eBooks from a lot of file types. These files can be then converted into several formats, for instance, EPUB e-books to be read on smartphones, or to be read with Kindle application or other e-book reading applications.
The eBookCompiler Free’s main goal is the creation of e-books, from various digital books sources. Also the program allows its users to handle other e-book sources, and create epub, mobi, otf and mob files. It is useful if you need to transfer a digital book from one computer to another. Moreover, the eBookCompiler Free can also create epub, e-pub, pdf and DOC files, for instance, from MS Word documents, like blog and resume.
eBook Compiler Free User Interface:
The eBookCompiler Free has very simple interface: some options are grouped in tabs. You can use the following tabs:
1. Set. In this tab, you can: save the settings, change the output format, select an output format for the created epub and mobi file.
2. Finish. Here, you can finish with the settings.
3. Path. This tab includes a list of the files that you will use. You can navigate through all of the files in this list.
4. General. Here, you can see information about the selected file: its title, author, description, file size. Also, you can see information about the size of the selected file and the number of pages.
5. Output formats. In this tab, you can choose from the following options: to display the book, to print it, to export it to DOC format, to export it to EPUB format or to export it to HTML format.
6. Export. On this tab, you can choose the target folder where you would like to save the created e-books. You can also choose to add the original file to the list of files. In the case, it will open the original file in the list.
eBook Compiler Free is a portable application and you can create a self-contained version of the file for your USB flash drive, without asking you to install the program on your PC. You can also create a separate file for the settings of the

What’s New in the EBook Compiler Free?

eBook Compiler Free is a freeware to let you create e-books from text, graphic or video files. All formats supported, ePub, Mobi, Epub, RTF, PDF, DjVu, Txt, WebPage, HTML, SWF, JPG, BMP, GIF, PPT, WMV, MP3, WAV, XML, PNG, XLS, DOC, PPT, TXT, Html, HTML, HTML, HTML, Html, Html, Word, DOC and even Convert (More than 20 file type supported), you can convert almost all popular format to e-book. All these files support reading and printing. With a simple and intuitive interface, you can easily create e-books from personal or enterprise content.

How to Compile eBook
Choose one of the four different eBook builder options: Text, Graphics, HTML and Video. After you select the eBook builder option you can choose the type of formatting you want to apply to your ebook. Also, you can choose whether to Add an Header and Footer to the ebook and whether to convert additional files such as pictures and videos to the ebook. Then you choose the way you want to build your ebook and begin the ebook compilation process.

1. Choose the Display method that you prefer
Text – this ebook builder displays the content of each page without page breaks. Graphics – this ebook builder displays the content of each page with page breaks. HTML – this ebook builder displays the content of each page in a formatted html document. You can also combine both document display modes. Video – this ebook builder displays the content of each page as a video sequence.

2. Start the Compilation
Start the compitilation by clicking on the Compile button. After Compilation is completed, you can view the ebook.

3. Additional Options
You can change the Display format, Compile options, Print options, Print support, Print support options, and Font size. you can also import and export your eBook from the Compiler.

eBook Compiler Free Download

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System Requirements For EBook Compiler Free:

8GB RAM recommended. 4GB may work for some, but not all, games.
Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7 (32-bit only)
DirectX® 9.0c compatible video card with 1GB VRAM.
2x USB 2.0 ports
Internet access required
Optional: Recommended hardware specifications:
Secondary processor for OS support
Secondary processor for OS support (optional)
Secondary processor



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