Download WIPEMIUM Galaxy M20 firmware Flash File 🤚

Download WIPEMIUM Galaxy M20 firmware Flash File 🤚


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Official Samsung Galaxy M20 SM-M205F DS Stock Rom

Click on flash button, choose the firmware zip file, Samsung Galaxy M20 and device firmware version (above link) .
Official Samsung Galaxy M20 SM-M205G Two Stable Firmware Releases
Sprint G960STUSL1A
Sprint G959STUSL1B
The official Samsung Galaxy M20 SM-M205F Stock ROMs can be flash on your Samsung Galaxy M20 using Odin .
Click the download button to download firmware zip file.
Download Odin Tool
Open Odin .
On this page, you will find the official link to download Samsung SM-M205F Stock Firmware ROM (flash file) on your Computer. Firmware comes in a zip package .
Click on flash button, choose the firmware zip file, Samsung Galaxy M20 and device firmware version (above link) .
Samsung Galaxy M20 SM-M205F Two Firmware Releases
Samsung SM-M205FN Stock Firmware
(Latest Samsung Galaxy M20 SM-M205F Stock Firmware)
This is the latest Samsung firmware for Samsung Galaxy M20, SM-M205F. Samsung SM-M205F Firmware release date is 14 April 2019.
Download Samsung Galaxy M20 SM-M205F Stock Firmware
Download Samsung SM-M205FN Stock Firmware
We also provides free and super fast downloads of Galaxy M20 SM-M205F official firmware update for Galaxy M20 SM-M205F Samsung Galaxy M20 SM-M205FN.
Click to Download Samsung SM-M205F Firmware using Odin
Odin flash tool is available free of cost at the below website:
Odin is the most popular firmware flashing tool used in most of the communities around the world. Odin is a commercial software so you will need to purchase the activation code.
If you are running on Windows 10/8.1/8/7:
Click on the link below to download the latest Odin Tool from Samsung officially on PC or Mac. You may also click on the download link below.
Odin Download Link (Available at the link below)
Verify that you are connected to the internet and have the correct Odin tool in the path.
Click on the download icon .
Browse down to the location where Odin is saved and select Odin

Official Samsung Firmware: SM-M205F_UIF_G9305_XU_UIF_G9306_XU_UIF_G9308_XU_UIF_G9309_XU_UIF_G9310_XU_UIF_G9320_XU_UIF_G9330_XU_UIF_G9332_XU_UIF_G9334_XU_UIF_G9340_XU_UIF_G9341_XU_UIF_G9342_XU_UIF_G9343_XU_UIF_G9354_XU_UIF_G9360_XU_UIF_G9365_XU_UIF_G9365DU1CSL4
ROM: Samsung M205F_G9305_UIF_G9308_UIF_G9309_UIF_G9310_UIF_G9320_UIF_G9330_UIF_G9332_UIF_G9334_UIF_G9340_UIF_G9341_UIF_G9342_UIF_G9343_UIF_G9354_UIF_G9360_UIF_G9365_UIF_G9365DU1CSL4
SM-M205F Firmware Version: UIF_G9305_XU_UIF_G9306_XU_UIF_G9308_XU_UIF_G9309_XU_UIF_G9310_XU_UIF_G9320_XU_UIF_G9330_XU_UIF_G9332_XU_UIF_G9334_XU_UIF_G9340_XU_UIF_G9341_XU_UIF_G9342_XU_UIF_G9343_XU_UIF_G9354_XU_UIF_G9360_XU_UIF_G9365_XU_UIF_G9365DU1CSL4
ROM: Samsung SM-M205F_G9305_UIF_G9308_UIF_G

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