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Describe briefly the target application and its dependencies, some functions to be intercepted, whether it is supported by the package, and any restrictions.
Platform Support:
If it is supported by the package, describe the supported architectures. In case of Windows RT and Windows Phone 8, these are ‘ARMv7’ and ‘ARMv7s’.
Detours Express Sample:
Provide the Detours Express sample application. Provide any notes for a developer to understand how the payloads are used and how the sample should be built.
Detours Express Injection:
Describe the structure of the payload or DLL files you want to be inserted into a target binary or DLL. Provide any notes to help understand how the payloads are used.
Detours Express DLLs:
Provide a list of any DLLs you want to inject. Provide any notes to help understand how the DLLs are used.
Detours Express Detour Attributes:
Describe any attributes you want to set for the created detour function. Also provide any notes for developers to understand how the method works.

I have created and analyzed the Sampling Data from the APK file.
I have seen some of the Vulnerability in this APP, there is lot of privacy issues with this APP.
The way to access the User Info is also it is very easy, we have seen the Sms, contacts and phone call log in which we have also described here:

More Info:
Some of the APK files that we have analyzed:

Also, you can download the APK files and analyze from the link below:

More About Privy:
It’s an Android App that can be used to generate unique tokens, generate passwords, generate unlimited passwords and email login.
The unique tokens you generate, can be used to login to apps and can be used to access or download the apps.
The password you generate can be used to access any site or other sites.
The password we have generated are 100% unique.
So if you want to be a hacker eea19f52d2

The name says it all. After the programmer and not the machine, Intuwiz G-code Generator is a comprehensive tool for inputting the coordinates of workpieces in numerical coordinates (NC), which are fed into the CNC machinery for the aforementioned processes.
Simple to set up
Despite its user-friendliness, the application is exceptionally easy to set up. Intuwiz G-code Generator is not a complicated program and is easily grasped by novices.
Makes life for machinists easy and enjoyable
Its large tool libraries allow users to craft their desired toolpaths. The application takes its versatility and simplicity to the maximum by integrating a barcode scanner. This allows the system to read the NC barcodes of the workpieces and feature libraries which can be consulted.
New functions come with every new release of Intuwiz G-code Generator
In addition to the update frequency, Intuwiz G-code Generator is also receptive to the demands of its users. The new version’s release has brought new features like CNC programming grids, the integration of a CNC machine library and a barcode scanner.
Additional features:
– Fully capable barcode scanner and library
– High-capacity workpiece and machine library
– Tool library with large parts from leading manufacturers
– Toolpath creation and calibration
– Calculator for weight, thickness and volume
– Allows for multiple project files and simultaneous projects
– Picking and drilling functionality
– Rapid prototyping
– Integration of a flatbed scanner
– Captures detailed information regarding the CNC machinery
– Inclusion of a bitmap library
– Easily customizable: with adjustable zoom, location and quality settings
– Fully customizable workpiece and machine libraries
– Coordinate system: mm, inch, metric
– Integrated CNC machining
– Allows for processing in a variety of mills, grinders and lathes
– Works on all Windows platforms
– Multi-user interface (up to 5 users)

With this application, users can build their own job logs by incorporating settings, materials, and dimensions in a simple interface. A new job can be created easily and it is saved and can be executed at any time with little effort.
Main Features:
– Create a job in one step
– Edit the characteristics of your machine
– Add materials and dimension settings to your job
– Add information about your material and machine to the job log
– Locate a file in the filesystem and

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