Since Insanus Express was first started in September 2014 with the idea of creating a horror game with a sense of humor, the game has evolved into a game that has a comedy spirit, different humor and an insane purpose. The game is successful in its category because it makes you feel the real essence of life and the madness of everyone.
Insanus Express is an old game that is now taken to an all new level of fun with the addition of new scenarios and new jobs to handle your Loonies.
Watch out! These crazy and insane characters can always screw up your job!
Make sure that their problems are in control!
How To play:
In Insanus Express you will manage an express psychiatric clinic with a crazy staff! The game consists of overcoming different scenarios while trying to keep it all under control. But watch out! You can always screw up and get everyone CRAZY!

In Insanus Express all its characters are crazy, and they have only four possible states: Doctor, Sane, Mad and Insanus.
The madness of these funny Loonies is taken with humor, inspired by the old and nostalgic cartoons and their funny animations.
Each scenario or level has different jobs to deal with the Loonies.
Each level determines which jobs you have and where they will be positioned.
The madness never ends, as each level will be getting more and more challenging.State Of the Loonies
Loonies can be found in 4 different states:
Doctor: Available to work on a free workstation, or be sent to the exit to earn score.
Sane: Available to become a Doctor, or be dispatched to earn score.
Crazy: Ready to be treated in the work stations that correspond.
Insanus: Not available, state of total madness, will eventually escape from the consultation room and stress the people in their path.Workstations
Diagnosis: Station that diagnoses the patient and determines a treatment pattern for the diagnosed Loonie.
Psychiatrist: Station that analyzes the patient by sitting down and takes notes of his psychological problems, to then make him reconsider.
Pharmacy: Station that gives you a glass of medicine mixed with the highest standards of service.
X-Rays: Station where an X-ray section is administered to visualize the patient’s mind.
Electroshock: Station where electroshock is applied to the patient to restart his crazy brain.Everything with the posibility of screwing up the workflow of the


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