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A versatile code editor that emulates the behavior of other editors, including popular text editors. Thanks to its rich selection of keyboard shortcuts, users can easily perform tasks in their favorite editor.
Includes support for the following programming languages and frameworks: C/C++, Perl, Python, Tcl, C#, Java, Delphi, Ada, HTML, Visual Basic, ColdFusion, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, R, Pascal, Visual Basic, SQL, and many others.
Supported file extensions:
Supported Encoding Modes:
UTF-8, DOS, ISO-8859-1, UTF-16, UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE, ISO-2022-JP, IBM-EUC, IBM-JIS, OEM-EUC, OEM-JIS, MacRoman, ISO-8859-2, Shift-JIS, IBM-ANSI, IBM-CP437, IBM-CP850, IBM-CP1252, IBM-CP1255, IBM-CP1256, IBM-CP1257, IBM-CP1258, IBM-EBCDIC, KOI8-R, EUC-JP, SBCS, Big5, Big5-HKSCS, Big5-HKS, Big5-JIS, Big5-HZ, Big5-HZ-HKSCS, CP950, JIS04, JIS02, CP932, CP936, CP949, EUC-TW, BIG5-HKSCS, Shift-JIS, CP932, CP936, CP949, CP950, CP932-HZ, CP936-HZ, CP949-HZ, CP950-HZ, EUC-CN, CP936, CP949, CP950, CP932-GB2312, CP936-GB2312, CP949-GB2312, CP950-GB2312, CP932-GBK, CP936-GBK, CP949-GBK, CP950-GBK, EUC-KR, EUC-CN-EXT, EUC-KR-EXT 384a16bd22

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Splat is a complex yet user-friendly software solution that was created to provide you with a reliable means of starting or termination programs and services with minimal effort, requiring just a few keyboard buttons to be pressed.
The benefits of using standalone tools
Since the application does not require installation in order for you to benefit from its functions, you can work with it as soon as you have downloaded and unzipped the archive.
At the same time, this means that Splat can be used on the go, from a USB stick or other such removable storage drives, without a trace left on the host computer.
Launch or terminate multiple programs and services by means of hotkeys
To get things started, you need to create a new profile, assigning it any name you prefer, without using special characters. By right-clicking your profile, you can even assign it a keyboard shortcut, using the ‘Edit Launch Hotkey’ function, for quicker access.
Subsequently, you can add tasks to your profile, using the ‘Insert Entry’ feature. It allows you to select the ‘Action’ from a dedicated menu, namely ‘Run (If Not Running)’, ‘Close Application’, ‘Kill Application’, ‘Start / Stop Service’ or ‘Wait / Delay’.
You also need to select the target, such as the file, folder, URL or service that you wish to work with. Splat even lets you define the ‘Working Directory’ and the ‘Arguments’, if you feel they are necessary, after which you can click ‘Save’.
The tool enables you to define the precise execution order, as well as the delay period in seconds, for certain tasks. When your profile is complete, you can press the hotkey you assigned to it and all the actions will be executed in a queue, without your intervention.
A handy app launcher for you to rely on
To conclude, Splat is a useful and effective utility that can help you run or kill the programs you regularly work with, as well as open files or webpages, all with a few quick keystrokes.
– start app
– apps launcher
– tools
– stop apps
– end app
– task killer
– delete app
– firefox
– chrome
– crash
– restart
– shut down
– logout
– exit
– rezys

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