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■ Debrief is PC software to handle your notes. It provides a significant step toward remembering what you know – and where you put it.
■ All notes are automatically organized with mouse clicks. Organization can become habit. Really.
■ Notes can be displayed as index cards, cards in different orders to build drafts for papers, articles, or books.
■ A real-time index can be maintained for topics that span across areas of interest.
■ Notes can be marked as « favorites, » « work in progress, » « tasks, » « attention required, » etc.
■ Notes and tasks can be tagged as « issues, » « changes, » « risks, » « decisions, » « milestones, » and so on.
■ Notes can be included with each case.
■ Tasks, Assignments, Discussions, and Cases can be managed in Debrief.
■ To-Dos, Assignments, and Discussions notes can be included with each case.
■ Notebooks, with « tasks, » « assignments, » « discussions, » « cases, » and « notes » can be viewed with a single mouse click.
■ You can save Notes, Tasks, Assignments, and Discussions in Notebooks for the same session.
■ You can use a « Reading List » to store notes for reading, or a « Library » to have books, articles, and web sites for reference.
■ You can view Notes, Tasks, Assignments, and Discussions in Notebooks by the number of days since you last viewed them.
■ Notes, Tasks, Assignments, and Discussions can be exported as data in a number of formats.
■ You can view Notes, Tasks, Assignments, and Discussions in Notebooks by the number of days since you last viewed them.
■ You can view Notes, Tasks, Assignments, and Discussions in Notebooks by a particular project.
■ You can display a list of Notes, Tasks, Assignments, and Discussions for any project, date, or date range.
■ You can mark Notes, Tasks, Assignments, and Discussions as « favorites, » « work in progress, » « issues, » « changes, » « risks, »  » 384a16bd22

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+ convert.svg file to vector format.
+ reduce to 2-3 step
+ preserves all original style and fonts.
+ generate a batch file to batch processing.
Please refer the help for more information.
What’s New in this Version:
+ Added File extensions support.
+ Auto merge/split files.
+ Change help/about menu.

I am making a web application to manage client projects. After entering the project information, some project are auto-generated and they are in PDF format, which is not editable. I was thinking, what if I could make these pdf’s editable, so that the client could add details as if the client were using a graphics program like illustrator or photoshop? I am not looking for a web app that can auto-draw in illustrator or photoshop, I want the client to be able to edit the pdf after it has been generated by my application.
I would need to do something like this:
File A (Client entered project information)
File B (Auto generated project PDF)
I would like to make File B editable so that the client could make changes to the design and be able to view the changes in a browser.
How can I accomplish this?
Thanks in advance

Making or converting a PDF into a scanned image may be a valuable technique for files too large to manipulate easily in Adobe Reader, but it can be a problem. The Adobe PDF file format is an encrypted container for images, fonts, vector graphics, text, and more, which are embedded into it. Adobe tools like InDesign and Illustrator can open the file, but even with Adobe Reader you can’t open the file. It’s like opening a container that doesn’t contain anything.
With OpenLab’s ScanSnap, you can convert a PDF into a set of images that can be manipulated easily. We can convert the entire PDF into a set of files, or take just a specific section of the PDF and create a set of files from that section.
It’s like opening the container and dumping the contents out into a set of files that can be opened and manipulated.
Here’s what it would look like…
A PDF of the terms and conditions for a company contract, for example.
Or, a postcard, envelope, or other piece of printed advertising.
This PDF is too large to even open or manipulate in Adobe Reader, so it makes more sense to

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