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Macro tool. Use to record a sequence of commands. Store the sequence of commands as a text file, and save to the currently active directory. Use the Macros Editor to view, edit and create Macros.
Network Scanning tool. Use to probe a target computer’s network for open port(s) on specified hosts. Uses the TCP/IP protocol to discover open TCP ports.
Macros Editor:
Macro Editor Tool. Use to create Macros and import Macros into any Kaspersky product
Macro File. A text file containing the commands that will be executed when a Macro Record/Playback command is selected.
Q. The Macros Editor doesn’t show up after trying to run a Macro
A. A Macro won’t work until it is saved as a Macro file.
Q. Is it possible to scan a selected range of ports?
A. You can set a target range in the Macros Editor (System/Preferences/Macros/Main/Target Range).
Q. The Macros Editor shows an error message ‘Unable to fetch the MACROs’.
A. Update Kaspersky.
Q. I get an error message ‘Unable to open this application’ while using Macros Editor
A. If you get this error message, please delete the Kaspersky folder in the Program Files directory, reboot the computer, and try again.
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Kaspersky Forum:

Moorestown, NJ – August 26, 2018 – Kaspersky Labs, the global leader in Internet Security, today announced the public release of a new version of the award-winning Kaspersky Internet Security with Email & Web Shield. This new version delivers new personalization options and the ability to block unwanted emails in exchange for ad-free experience. The protection works without any previous configuration or downloading updates; with this new release, Kaspersky Internet Security is able to adapt to the privacy preferences of each user, based on a comprehensive analysis of usage habits.
With this new release, the product’s option to block unwanted emails has been improved. The feature blocks content such as spam or phishing messages which was not previously possible with this d82f892c90

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KEYMACRO is a keyboard macro recorder for Windows and Mac. It is highly customizable and allows the user to record any type of series of keys on the keyboard for later playback. One can set the loop time for a macro, and there are also options for repetitive macros and recording for some specific key combinations.KEYMACRO Features:
Record any key sequence (from a list of possibilities or creating custom sequences of your own);Create unlimited macros;Automatically play back macros.

It can be used for automatic punctuation in emails. It is also useful in day-to-day tasks like spell checking, replacing letters in messages or simply for composing text.
Typinator description:
This is one of the most advanced text enhancement tools available. It has an impressive feature set that not only allows you to generate stylish text, but also to perform all sorts of time-saving tasks.
Typinator is one of the most flexible and user-friendly solutions to replace poorly-designed word processing applications. As soon as you start to use it, you’ll start to appreciate the power and ease with which you can work with text.
Typinator makes typing the way you want it. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that will make your work easier and more fun. Its features and abilities can be compared to those of a modern word processing app.
Typinator Features:
Keyword generator to quickly create text formatted with the styles you’re used to;Text replacement to quickly replace any word or sentence with another text, the way you want;Space time saver to quickly insert spaces or paragraphs;Format settings to apply all the styles at once or set default settings;Make customized shortcut with keyboard commands to easily create and type your text quickly and easily;Automatically check spelling, auto-fix punctuation, autocorrect, and more.
Typinator is the best text editing tool for professionals, students, and amateur writers.

Astro-Clock is a free weather widget for your desktop that shows current local weather, forecasts, current temperatures, and more. You can choose between different options, including current temperature and rainfall, current forecast, hourly weather forecast, and day and week forecasts. The widget is very customizable as you can choose your own background picture, display time in 24-hour format or 12-hour format, change the font, and choose between dark and light color themes. You can also add an icon to the top-left corner and change its size and color. The weather is updated every few minutes.

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