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Update:Video and Screenshots of Coolorus 2.5.14 Final Version is Available.Paris, France – French President Emmanuel Macron is likely to come out in support of extending Article 7 of the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty, triggering the first activation of the clause against any EU country that would seek to withdraw, political observers say.

The Lisbon Treaty is the legal framework governing the EU and Macron’s primary objective, after dealing with emergency issues following the deadly Paris terror attack last November, is the ratification of a new EU budget, which requires the approval of all member states.

Macron launched a review of EU legislation in the wake of the attacks to reassure the French public he would not loosen the country’s security controls.

The « remedy » was a symbolic proposal at the time, which only needed EU member states with second and third votes in the European Council to be able to block EU treaty changes proposed by any of its members.

A European diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Al Jazeera the recent proposal could be the trigger to activate Article 7.

« If this is the case, and if France continues to insist that it wants to fulfil its democratic duty of asking for a second referendum, it is clear that the system will be pushed towards an activation, » the diplomat said.

Macron’s ‘Bonne Année’

In addition to this, Article 7 would increase the effectiveness of the EU in negotiating trade deals.

The final part of the Lisbon Treaty would be automatically activated if at least two member states formally request for a re-opening of the European Council to examine the situation, after which the other member states would have two weeks to block the new treaty by an absolute majority of votes.

Nineteen states are required to block the treaty for


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