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English literature and the novel: a history from 1800 to 1930

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Zeno Donkor

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Free Classic literature and the novel: from 1800 to 1930: epub fomat fout

In the first decades of the last century, a series of works of fiction, representing various trends, appeared in English. Most of these have by now become classics, but the author of the present book would not regard them as such. He intends to present them to modern readers as representative of the major intellectual movements which he believes have had an influence in making people think for most of the time during which the works were written.

The following table of contents gives an idea of what he has to say about the period covered.


prelude: where we are and where we are going

1: is there a British literature?

2: are there any English authors before 1760?

3: growth in our time, decline and re-birth?

4: the decay of poetry

5: the rise of realism

6: the sheer delight of a good story!

7: the spirit of the age and its influence on literature

8: novelists and publishers

9: British literature in the nineteenth century

10: British literature in the twentieth century, including different influences on British authors

11: cross-currents in the twentieth century

12: world literature in the twentieth century

13: British literature in the twentieth century

14: contemporary British literature

appendix: list of authors


The author

Zeno Donkor is the author of numerous scholarly works in various fields, and has written novels for which he has won three prizes. He has also translated Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes and the complete works of William Shakespeare, all of which he has edited for the Arden Shakespeare series. He has lived in Nigeria, the United States and Britain,

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